A few days ago the first reviews of Fantastic Beasts came out: The Secrets of Dumbledore, and they are not good at all. The most recent delivery in this franchise will reach the cinemas next week, and in case its ticket performance does not meet the expectations of its producers, there would be the possibility that all the universe of Harry Potter arrives at Its an end, at least on the big screen.

FANTASTIC BEASTS 3 Is About To Blow Your Mind

From hypertextual The idea that the community does not feel the same affection for Harry Potter as before, and proof of this is precisely the saga of fantastic animals that has not been able to replicate The same success as the original. Part of this has to do with j.k. Rowling, Author of this franchise who does not long been won the scorn of the fans because of a series of transbobic comments.

Since then, Rowling has remained on the sidelines of almost all the productions of this cinematographic universe, but even with this, if The secrets of dumbledore can not succeed at the box office, then there would be not much that It can be done as for the future of the series. Of course this is simply a hypothesis, but one that might not be very far from reality. It will be a matter of time to know what the future holds to the saga of fantastic animals.

Editor’s note: Good news within all this is that at least in HBO Max, it seems that there is still a future for Harry Potter. Recall that there are already multiple projects of this developing series for the girl screen, and perhaps be enough to rescue it.