The DNF Duel Second Open Beta test, which was conducted on PS4, PS5 platform, was blocked at 11 pm on April 4 (month). DNF Duel is a 2D fighting game with online RPG ‘Dungeon & Fighter’, and will be released on June 28 (Tuesday) PS4, PS5 and Steam.

Although many functions were not available, the three-day beta tests have passed in an instant enough to feel too short. Actually, I was enjoying a fairly fun game until the server was closed, even when the server was closed. So, what was the impression of DNF Duel what I felt multiple people?

Q. First of all, did you play the original “Dungeon & Fighter”?

[Striker] : There is a memorable remember that I have done a harmful train area for seven years ago. I worked hard enough to take an adventurous manbell, and I left the game after I finished the new girl. Finally, the maritime train area was implemented as a Daejeon Stage and was newly renovated.

[CR CRESEER] : I started with my friends when the game was newly launched. At that time, the game is difficult and I could not escape the sky. After that, after the Anton Raid was added, I started the game again immediately after I had been added, and I enjoyed the game until I got a fairly fun, and I enjoyed the game until you get all the related titles.

[Grapher] : I did not play directly, but my friends are playing in the PC room and felt indirectly the popularity of the original.

[Hitman] : I worked hard when the highest level was 70. In the original, I fostered the Werfen Master and Battle Meiji, and DNF Duel was personally disappointed with both characters.

DnF Duel 2nd Open Beta Test is now confirmed! Featuring more Playable Characters!?

[Lee, Sang Jeon] : Recently hardened hard. Most of the characters that are currently fostering are almost finished the advanced dungeon Faming, and now it is the degree of collecting growth engines.

Q. The number of characters is pretty small, but all of them selected other characters. I want to hear the reason for each character.

[Hitman] : I saw a play video that uses a gun and a knife together, and I picked it like a universal character. By the way, I was embarrassed because I played a shot, and the sword was a long distance.

[Striker] : At first, I heard the advice of the first open beta test experience and chose a hitman. I heard a candidate recommendation character, but it was not easier than I thought because I did not understand the system.

So, I have a striker who has been a free feeling that I have a lot of characters to manipulate several characters, and pressing a slightly harvest button. On the last day of Beta, I have been working hard to find a combo.

[Graph Plue] : I played several fighting games, but I like a character with a heavy feeling. This time I wanted to do a catch character, but the graph plugs have all the conditions for the desired condition.

[CR CREEER] : I personally looked at the character play video on the official channel because I personally want to do the DNF Duel. I really chose the character’s appearance or battle style, and the crucifier was very uncomfortable, and eventually it became a character that has been selected for the performance in the performance.

[Lee, Sang Jeon] : I was worried among striker, Kunoichi, Lee Sang Jeon. Eventually, I decided to manipulate all three, and I decided to choose, and I did not fit my striker or Kuno. So I managed to manually choose a prostitute.

In fact, I can summarize it in a word without explaining this tremendously. How do you hold and cross the character that comes out.

Q. Daejeon Fighting The Grand Prize is known to have a high thrilling barrier. What was the first impression of DNF Duel?

[Striker] : I wanted to be a character too little character. By the way, I thought this is a beta test. When compared to the original, the character that appeared in an enormous improved graphic was nice. In particular, the striker was the level that it would be called Rabernault Tal Tal.

[CR CRESEER] : As for graphics, I am the same opinion. Arc SystemWorks are famous for the colorful graphics, and one of the behaviors of the characters, and the felt that it was like the original work. If you are a member, you will be able to feel a small fun in this place.

[Grapher] : The game was felt easier and more intuitive than I thought. Arc SystemWorks, known as a brilliant graphics, participated in the production, and I heard the character or map design.

[Hitman] : At first, I thought it was a Gun Tea Gore – Strive-on-the-to-Fighter Skins. I have a lot of advance to the Grand Blue Fantasy Bursus, but I could easily adapt and adapt to the game beginner.

[Lee, Sang Jeon] : I thought I was a fighting game with a “spicy” standard than I thought. I was a beta test, so the beginning of the Dungeon & Fighter duel was a tofu. Instead, I do not have the Y-axis fight, so I think there was characters that have changed the strength of the original.

Q. During the beta test, only player match function was available. Please let me know.

[Hitman] : The room structure itself was good, but there was a lot of disappearance in the user who participated in the test. I made a unmodified battle in a situation where I do not know anything, and the opponent was a first beta test experience. I think it would have been a little better if I had CPU Daejeon.

[Grapher] : The game feature is extremely limited to the game that is a beta test that you can take. However, the room search filter is limited, and the rooms opened all over the world have shown that it was hard to find the room you want. If you have at least a communication environment limitation, you think that it would not be a pleasant beta test.

[Lee, Sang Jeon] : Many characters, I wanted to play with many users, and from the room production, the position of the room, and rather a pleasant relative in the network,

If it is an environment that can be charged for a long time, you could have been involved with more characters, but you will not be able to hide. Also, if the host goes out, the room may have been broken, and it might have had a lot of environments that can not affrichly have been unable to fight.

Q. DNF Duel’s official technical table is aimed at easy operation. How was the actual feeling difficulty?

[Striker] : I participated in the test using pads. It is not a good one to write a combo in the original 2D fighting game. So after watching the striker play video, I thought the combo is not difficult. The command was simple, and it was a feeling that it became a fix that I could use a combo surprisingly.

[Hitman] : I played mainly with a PC, and the fighting game is mainly enjoying the keyboard. This beta test was only proceeding with PS4, PS5, and I had to manipulate it as a pad. I had to use unfamiliar instruments, I had a good idea, and all the technologies have only been able to combine only one orientation key and buttons. There was no big difficulty.

[CRESEDER] : I used joystick to participate in beta testing. It is a great help to eliminate the gap between the introduction and those skilled in the basal part of a simple operation.

[Lee, Sang Jeon] : I am the same comment that I said ahead. The operation itself is really easy. Will anyone can quickly adapt and get to adaptation. Even if you do not have a complicated command, you only felt a fine difference that has not been afraid to do not. Personally, this manipulation is more welcome.

Q. Recently, the trend to introduce a rollback netcode in Daejeon Fighting Genre. How did the Daejeon environment?

[Striker] : I tried to play with the user with the yellow antenna and I was surprised to enjoy the game without a problem. If it was a different fighting game, the communication status has been stressed because the communication status has greatly affected the game, and it looks like the technology is developing.

[Hitman] : I have played a game with a red antenna display that does not fit well with the communication status, but the game was neatly. If this is an environment, I will go back to any room later and I will have a burden on the time of Daejeon.

[Lee, Sang Jeon] : I had more environments that have not been more comfortable than I thought. I know this beta testing was conducted at the same time in Dong and West. I do not have a communication environment, and even if the entry is not in the room, I often go to the moment of moving the moment during Daejeon. I also had a seriousness to the input delay.

It is very positive to have an environment that can be played together as far as before the previous time is very positive, but it seems to require a little more time to expand to the whole world.

Q. As a fighting game, the UI visibility of the Daejeon screen is quite important. What did you think of this?

[Lee, Sang – Jeon] : The visibility of UI was okay. It is said that there was a special behavior or a specific behavior when you have a specific behavior. Instead, various heat-related (counter, critical, ground attack) messages need to be different in color, fonts, or the size of the letters.

[Grafter] : I hope you have to be definitely separated when you are not with a white physical strength. The conversion system is available only when there is white stamina, but it has experience that the basic machine was embarrassed instead of the conversion as white physical strength is recovering.