NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service, Domestic paid membership of GeForce Nau was resumed. The LG U + side, which provides domestic geonu service, has been suspended of subscribers, which was a paid membership since September 3 last year due to a shortage of acceptable server capacity.

The newly opened domestic Geopos Navi-paid membership, Ultra’s utilization rate rose to W34,900, which has a drop of about twice the amount compared to the existing paid plan. Game execution can be played up to 6 hours per time, and you can first access the queue when the queue will occur. Lace is also supported. However, if all the membership delivery time of 100 hours based on 30 days, the connection permissions will disappear if they are exhausted. In addition, subscriptions may be earlyed according to the number of subscribers as a limited product.

The basic membership provided free of charge to all users over 18 years of age can play up to 1 hour per game execution, and the queue priority is not available and racracing is not supported.

LG U + GeForce Nou team resumed pay-per-viewing, “if users are able to enjoy the Fosshamu, a more comfortable fare, they are necessary to prepare two new products based on time-based fare.. Geaphos Nau Ultra is the first product, and the second membership will be released in May.


New membership, which is scheduled to launch in May, is based on a total of 12-hour queue priority access permission. Maximum number of plays per 1 Playing 6 hours and latecycle support are all the same as Ultra membership. Membership monthly time is aimed at 12 hours, as it is very small, which is aimed at the light user, and usage fee is also expected to be cheaper than Ultra.

Meanwhile, LG U + will be expected to showcase Gifu Nau RTX 3080-class cloud gaming from this summer. GeForce Nau RTX 3080 supports 1440p, 120fps streaming, and in the US and Europe, related services are provided in December last year. In the United States, GeForce Nau RTX 3080 membership is set to $ 19.99 (about 24,000 won), 6 months (about W120,000), 6 months (about W120,000).