Do you remember Gasparín ? For many, this character transports us immediately to our childhood and after having several films under his name over the 90s, the friendly ghost will return to now thanks to a new Live-Action series by * Peacock * .

This new project will be known simply as Casper and will be produced by Kai Yu Wu , who worked on the cadaver of the bride. After a new family reaches the small town of Eternal Falls, Gasparín You will be involved in a mystery that will bring out dark secrets that have remained hidden for more than 100 years.

This series will apparently be much darker and realistic than the other interpretations of the character, and it will also be a reimagination of the history of origin that will have elements of terror and action, where we will see Gasparín Discover what it means Being alive.

At the moment, we do not know when this series will be arriving at Peacock , but considering that it was barely announced, it is easy to assume that there will still be a while longer to have additional details.

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Editor’s note: I think that reimaging these children’s stories with adult thematic can work, and it will definitely be interesting to know a much more terrifying version of Casper. The series has potential, and I sincerely hope that they manage to exploit it.