With the latest firmware, both PS4 and PS5 have given some interesting new features that Sony introduces as part of a blog entry. But not all additional features come to the language. In fact, the PS5 has been offering another innovation since the update, which Sony is hiding you.


The update 22.01-05.00 For the PS5, the Next-Gen console has donated some new features – including Allm (Auto Low Latency Mode). The feature ensures that your TV automatically switches into gaming mode if you start a game on your PlayStation 5. These ways additional image improvements are deactivated to ensure lower latency. In other words, your TV responds faster to your controller inputs, the game feels responsive.

But Allm is not only used to switch to gaming mode. Alternatively, start a streaming app or sets a Blu-ray in your drive, the image mode also automatically changes, for example in the cinema mode.

To use the AllM function, PS5 players need not only update the firmware, but also own a TV that supports the HDMI 2.1 function . However, this should almost be the case with current top models.

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So far, why Sony has not addressed the AllM integration in the official update blog entry.

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New chat functions for PS4 & PS5 and more

With the UPDATE 9.50 (22.01-05.00 for the PS5) Sony spends its two consoles a few practical new features that beta testers have been able to try it for several weeks. After installation, players can start chats in two different modes: open and closed . While your friends can join open chats at any time, you must be invited to you for closed chats in advance of you to get access. In addition, PS4 players can now customize the volume of the chat participants individually.

PS5 players are allowed to look forward to additional innovations. With the update Sony has also made some improvements to the user interface the Next Gen Console, which focuses above all the Game Base and Trophy Cards. In addition, the settings can now be set that is output via headphones only mono audio .

From now on it is also possible to set fixed settings , which are applied across the game. Who always plays with inverted control, ~~ is a monster ~~ can now set that option should be automatically enabled for all games (Source: PlayStation Blog).

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Laise for PS5 player: VRR keeps waiting for yourself

An important feature on which PS5 players have already had to wait since the Next-Gen Console release is VRR. The HDMI 2.1 feature stops unsightly image tearing by synchronizing the frame rate of the console with the image frequency of the TV. While Xbox-Series players can use the feature since the introduction of the Next-Gen consoles, it remains reconditioned PlayStation Gamers .

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But there is hope. Im Blogeintrag kommt die Einführung der variablen Bildwiederholfrequenz endlich zur Sprache. So soll das Feature in den kommenden Monat seinen Weg auf die PlayStation 5 finden. Die PS4 hingegen wird VRR nicht unterstützen. Kein Wunder, schließlich bietet die Konsole auch keinen HDMI-2.1-Anschluss, der für die Nutzung notwendig ist.