EA / DICE announced the outline of “BattleField 2042” new update “UPDATE 4.0” on April 13. The company community manager has a close implementation schedule on SNS.

This time, Kevin Johnson, who knew the update content. It is a person who serves as a community manager at EA. He announced that “Battlefield 2042” new update “UPDATE 4.0” is scheduled to be delivered on April 13 on Twitter on April 13. He reported that detailed patch notes will be published next week. To the preceding, the outline of the content of the implementation schedule was also revealed. UPDATE 4.0 has more than 400 defect corrections and changes to improve QOL (playability).

As a specific change point, a change to a specialist is first performed. Specialist Lao and pike should be changed to the characteristics. And about the anti-aliamer grenade of the sanding seems to give priority to near-field targets. Subsequently, the ribbon system is adjusted so that mitigation measures are taken for experience value systems, and unlocking is promoted in all modes including rushes. In addition, we will also adjust the acquisition XP for support actions and team play.

Adjustment in the vehicle is also incorporated. The content is that it is necessary to adjust the balance between infantry and vehicles, etc., while putting a hand in vehicles such as M5C bolts that are currently OP (too strong). In addition, it is likely to revise a bug that occurs when a baker removal is a bug and a bug that a baker is a baker or a resurrection near the obstacle. And, the armed attachment is also overall renovated. It is aiming to adjust each attachment unique and influence the loadout selection and cancer play.

In addition, EA / DICE was reported to integrate the function that the scoreboard can confirm even at the VoIP (voice chat) function and round ending at the end of the VoIP (Voice Chat) function. I want to expect this implementation to not overcome.

400+ fixes CONFIRMED for Battlefield 2042 next week!

“BattleField 2042” UPDATE 4.0 will be delivered next week. Detailed patch notes will be released next week. Will it be a hand-old student of this work in a difficult situation in the player population and the evaluation surface?