Although it has been known for some time now that at least a large extension should appear for the action role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077. However, there was no concrete release date or even more accurate details. The developer studio CD project Red has recently brought at least some light into the dark.

When will the first extension for Cyberpunk 2077 appear

As part of a current financial report , CD project Red among other things came to the future plans for cyberpunk 2077 . As the commercial managing director Piotr Nielubowicz announced, the team not only works on other smaller DLCs , but also a large extension for the action roleplay. This should offer a completely new story, more details he did not elicit himself. However, the fans have to practice something in patience, because the release is first planned for the year 2023 **.

When exactly the extension will appear, CD project Red in the financial report was open. However, the developers realized that they do not put their hands in the lap up to the release. Thus, the support for cyberpunk 2077 ** is also maintained in the further course of this year. Accordingly, further updates should be expected.

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Sold so well Cyberpunk 2077

Furthermore, CD project Red as part of the report has published the current sales figures of the individual games. Accordingly, Cyberpunk 2077 (Buy Now € 29.99) now to more than 18 million specimens sold worldwide. The RPG The Witcher 3 has meanwhile even cracking the 40 million mark.

Source: CD project red

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