OLAF promises to become one of the champions of League of Legends more powerful as soon as his rework land on the loyalty crack. The Viking is on its way from one of the most ambitious updates that Riot Games has carried out and is already available in the PBE. A test server that some members of the community have wanted to quickly access to test the new version of the character. The result has been terrifying, The new Viking is extremely powerful and even Riot has had to take preventive measures.

OLAF REWORK receives the first nerf in the PBE

The first impressions of the developers and the data collected by the developer point to the same. The new Olaf is completely broken. Although from Riot Games they are satisfied with the changes, there have been some aspects that did not take so into account when introducing them and that have led to a combination of monstrous skills. The goal is to improve it a bit and make it more entertaining, but the first proven version in the PBE reached goals that were not much less raised. In fact, The developer who informed the changes made it with the title “Repumen: OLAF is OP.

The truth is that it is a reduction of time power with which the character loses defensive and offensive capacities. Although there have been no big cabreos between the community when it is about a version that has only been available on the League of Legends Test server , many players have pointed out how easy it was to realize the excessive character of the character in this version. Nor does it seem crazy that he has to receive additional nerfs since, although he has lost part of his life theft, he has won very interesting features of armor reduction or using the R indefinitely.

In any case, we can be calm. Riot Games knows how dangerous this type of changes can be for League of Legends, so Olaf will not reach the game on the next patch . Although the most usual thing is that the champions appear on live servers two weeks after being introduced into the PBE, this time the developer has wanted to be prudent by giving Viking two cycles of testing. In this way, if everything goes well, it will be launched in update 12.9 that will reach the game on Wednesday, May 11 according to the Riot version calendar.