Finding Data Cards in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is very useful to enable players unlock cheats and extras for your adventure in this distant galaxy. In the game there is a total of 19 data cards to collect, which extend over all planets in Lego Star Wars. To unlock cheats and extras such as Stud Multipliers, Baguette Mode (Lightsters are turned into baguettes) and recharged GNK droid ** Stay nearby to learn how to find out how you all 19 locations of data cards in Lego Star Wars: find the skywalker saga.

All 19 Datacard Locations in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Before you can start collecting all 19 of your data cards, you need access to many Star Wars characters and almost all places . You will need a pair Heroes figures Who can use Enterhaken, and a Assgeier character too.

Check out this YouTube video Youtuber Warlbygaming for the step-by-step instructions, as you receive all 19 data cards.

Tatooine data cards

Tatooine has a lot of data cards for you to collect. Here are all on the sandy planet.

Jundland Wastes DataCard

The first data card is at the highest height of the Jundland desert and is located near the center of the card. Walk south of Ben Kenobi’s house and find a cliff wall with LEGO parts along the wall.

Climb the wall with your lightsaber and use the orange handles to jump up the rest of the cliff . On the left side you will find a brown pole that can be raised with power and can be plugged into a pedestal on the cliff.

Use the rods to swing over the gap and on the other side you have to swing again to get to the next area. Jump up to reach the top of the rock, and run over to find the data card.


HOW TO FIND ALL 19 DATACARDS LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Get this data card in the northwestern part of MOS ESPA in an area called The Slave Quarter . Go through the archway and turn right right to see a house with a glowing door. The data card is located on the other side of the house. Use the stages to climb on the roof and jump from the other side until you can see the luminous data card.

MOS Eisley DataCard

Go to the civilian district in the northeastern part of the map. Look for a large building with shades at the top, which are red and white. Create a tower with power to climb the data card.

Coruscant data cards

This next planet has a few data cards that you can collect. Here are all in turn.

Federal District DataCard

Embark in the northwestern area of the Federal District, who is known as Senate View. Underneath is an edge of which you jump down and then go left over the gap. After you have found the red power field Move both of your characters to the buttons to disable the force field.

Data card of the distraction USCRU

Go to the annular area at the lower level of the USCRU district. With the small sockets, jump over the gap and race to the other side of the big ring to get the data card.

Geonosis data card

Go to the gorge area and climb on the orange lego handles high until you reach the edge of the cliff. After running the SIMS, you will see more handles to climb upwards. After you have climbed these, see the data card.

kashyyk data card

Put the data card on your card before you get it . This makes it easier for you to find. If you have done it to the south beach, go to the northeast until you reach the huge roots of the tree Vikkilynn. Come out of the tree to reach the platforms, and then jump twice over the gap to find the data card in a column.

Mustafar data card

Go down the long corridors and walks down to the northern part of the card. Go on the catwalk with yellow stages at the end of the gang. Run up the steps and go to slope and reach the upper platform. Then go to the southeastern area of the platform. After you have viewed over the edge, hit the orange lego handles with a gripper hook and hold them until you reach the data card.

Yavin 4 data card