Discover our guide explaining in detail, the creative catalyst system for obtaining a Wow set part via a new mechanism at Zereth Mortis. Back on WORLD OF WARCRAFT PATCH 9.2, the set bonus system is an extremely important element since it is active in all aspects of the game, both in PVE (RAID and MM +) than in PVP (Arene and RBG).

How to get a set of set in the patch 9.2

The armor sets are therefore back on wow via the release of the patch 9.2 the end of the Eternity, bringing bonuses that drastically change the interest of certain classes and specializations. Thus, it is fundamental to get its 4-room bonus (4P) to be able to draw the full potential of your character

However, there are three methods to get a set of set on wow:

  • Via the new Raid the founders’ sepulcher (only on some bosses)
  • via the weekly trunk (Le Vault)
  • via the creation catalyst system

As a reminder, the contents of the weekly trunk has a chance to contain a set piece including in the Rows MM + and PVP. However, chances are relatively limited, with about 9% chance by tab unlocked based on community research.

How does the creative catalyst system work?

While the first two methods for obtaining a set piece are random, the creative catalyst system makes it possible to counter this RNG by ensuring a set piece. The idea being to take a room at the location of a set of set (helmet, epaulets, torso, gloves and pants) obtained this season (from the patch 9.2) and to use the creation catalyst to transform it into it into set. Attention because some elements are to be taken into account (see the lower part).

For that, simply go to Zereth Mortis and enter the creation catalyst room. This area is located on the south of the map, in the room hanging above the extent of water. CAUTION However because you will need to complete at least Chapter 4 of the campaign to use it. If you do not yet have the flight skill in Zereth Mortis, a teleporter is present below. Therefore, apart from Chapter 4, you will not need to have a lot Farm Zereth Mortis to make your set pieces.

How to crafter a set of set?

How to make your Tier Set with the Creation Catalyst! (Creation Catalyst Explained/9.2 Guide)
* It’s worth a room located on a set location (helmet, epaulets, torso, gloves and pants)
* This part must be obtained during the S3 (Patch 9.2) in RAID, PVP or MM +
* The cost in cosmic flow changes according to the room to be modified (between 1200 and 1500) for a set piece

Some important details to take into account

  • Although it is possible to use another room than the sets of set (helmet, epaulets, torso, gloves and pants), these other pieces (wrist, belt, boots) will not give ** bonus of set that used in the catalyst
  • The stats of your room to transform will change to take that of the set piece
  • Nevertheless you keep your bonuses (gemstling, puncture, speed) on the new room
  • For the next few weeks, the system is only available once a week per character
  • Improatable parts (PVP and MM + loot) can be improved even after setting as set. Thus, a room 262 ILVL Loot in mythical dungeons, can be transformed into set of set and improved in 272 ILVL

Thus, you must try to maximize choosing parts that have the highest ILVL possible but also, bonus (gems, puncture…) to improve your character. If you already have a 4P, prioritize the rooms with a weak ILVL.

Note that you can always add a gem later in the season via Vault resources (when you do not select room in the weekly safe).

How to get cosmic flows at 9.2?

The cosmic flow resource is required to make a part via the creative catalyst. However, it is not a difficult resource to acquire and the amounts are relatively limited (between 1200 and 1500 per piece).

There are several ways to get cosmic flows on the 9.2 patch:

  • Killing rare, in the chests and via the different quests of Zereth Mortis
  • At each end of mythical dungeons (whatever the difficulty)
  • Every arena victory
  • On all the bosses of the founders’ sepulcher raid as well as on some specific trashes
  • In the weekly trunk
  • on Torghast levels 13 and upper

From then on, you should already have a fairly important amount of cosmic flows, allowing you to make a room per week without much problem.

Here is for our creative catalyst system guide in order to craft a set piece on the 9.2 patch of wow.
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