Global Indie Game Festival ‘2022 Indie Kraft’ Virtual Game Show exhibition recruitment has achieved the highest support and closed.


Indie Kraft Operations The Secretariat has continued to support a number of Indie Games developers from the last 14th (Thu) recruitment deadline, and the final result said that 241 domestic 241, overseas.

Since 2019, since the “Indie Kraft” brand starts with a new game ball in Indie Game Developers, “Indie Kraft”, which increases the participation of each year, in 2022, With 100 million won and a variety of commercialization, we focused the attention of small and medium game developers. Especially, when the exhibition is selected on the TOP50, it is not only in Korea, as well as in August, as well as in August, The official said.

Final exhibition is scheduled to have a formal website ( and individual guidance after completing the documentation and announcement by the end of April. Final selection developers have time to explain business descriptions, virtual game show operations and business application benefits, mentoring, and so on. On May 25, the number is on the 29th (Sunday), the online virtual game show, and in August ‘Games Corporation 2022’, the Global User will be held through the local publicity and online virtual game show.

President Hwang Sung Ki The President of the Korea Mobile Game Association shall be thanked for all of the small and medium-sized game developers supported by the Indian Kraft Exhibition every year. In particular, this year, we were able to identify the interests sent to this exhibition through the highest support. “2022 Indechraft” will be prepared to be reborn as a global game festival after fair and thorough review. “

The final selection confirmation can be confirmed by official homepage and individual guide on April 29 (Fri). Inquiries related to other sponsorship and events are possible through the Korea Mobile Game Association (company).