Lost Ark has many different types of collectibles. These collectibles can usually be exchanged for various awards. One of these items of collectibles are the hearts of the giants that you need to find 15. That’s where to find all the hearts of the giants in Lost Ark .

Where to find all the hearts of giants in Lost Ark

  • 1st Heart of Giant : Tortoch, Quest “Five scattered brothers”.
  • 2nd Heart of Giant : Tricksion, Beatrice Rapport.
  • 3rd heart giant : Saint sources, Sasha Rapport
  • 4th Heart of Giant : Lake Eternity, Boss Tarsill RNG DROP
  • 5th Heart of Giant : Linger of black canine, can be purchased from a rose for a 3,300 mint of hyena.
  • 6th Heart of the Giant : Atlas, you can buy at the Merchant Merchant Grant for 33,000 pirate coins.
  • 7th Heart of Giant : Any island of Tuki, award for killing a king of the 3rd level.
  • 8th Heart of Giant : Island of Freedom, can be purchased from a black fang for 4,000 hyena coins.
  • 9th Heart of Giant : Eyes Hypno, Rapport Calvasus.
  • 10th Heart of Giant : Tower, Shadow Spire, Floor 35.
  • 11th Giant Heart : Azure Wind Island, Insects with Herbal Fields.


  • 12th Heart of Giant : Shadow Moon Market, Light Heart Quest.
  • 13th Heart of Giant : Tower, Tower of Fate, Floor 35
  • 14th Heart of Giant : Whispering island, Rapport Ninevei.
    15th Heart of Giant : Quest received after receiving the 14th Heart of Giant.

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