from Hamburg report André Dersewski and Maximilian Schmidt

After the gripping first semifinals, in the record cup winner THW Kiel (eleven cups) had the reigning defending champion TBV Lemgo Lippe with 28:26 downgrades, the 30th debutant was the final Four held in Hamburg since 1994 in Hamburg in the starting blocks. The HC achieved, who had switched off the SG Flensburg-Handewitt in the second round in the cup, among other things, was against Bundesliga leader Magdeburg Krasser outsider. And ultimately lost clearly.

The SCM, whose fans had already dominated as a phased during the first semi-final, began 12,800 spectators with his typical high-speed handball. But the Erlanger held outstanding against it, went with the continuous sprint. Especially from the force of the back of the Central Franconia Magdeburg surprised. Decorative Jeppsson and Metzner kept gaps from the second row (7: 7).

SCM presses on the accelerator pedal

Coach Raul Alonso, who in Hamburg also on the most recently attacked Steinert (returned in the summer of Magdeburg after Erlangen) and Övery (changing after the season to the THW Kiel) had set his team well. But while in the HCE concentration error, the SCM pressed mercilessly on the accelerator pedal. Thanks to a 3-0 run and the necessary playback, the Bundesliga leader led to the break at 17:13.

Immediately after the second change, the SCM had the chance to pull away preliminary, but had too many clear possibilities lying – Erlangen Keeper Ziemer made his contribution to it. At 21:15 in the 38th minute then only the fewest at the final feed of the Magdeburger. Spielmacher Kristjansson (five goals), from which Magdeburg fans already celebrated during the game frenetically with “Gisli” speakers, the threads – and was later chosen to the player of the game. More goals threw only left-handed Magnusson (6), for the Underdog, Jeppsson made the same many hits.

Magdeburg saves grains

The Central Franconia fought with her Hamburg premiere brave, but the quality of the favorite had to bend. With a break in the final quarter hour, the lead had grown to seven goals (24:17). SCM-Keeper Green (eleven parades) additionally took some balls away without having to shine completely. Trainer Bennet Weighs distributed the power over the entire season to many shoulders, knowing that the tags would wait another caliber. Due to the sovereign 30: 22 success, Magdeburg finally made the dream finish perfect.

In the final, the traditional club from Saxony-Anhalt takes on Sunday (13.25, live! At record cup) on the THW Kiel. The last league comparison on the 26th of March the SCM lost its own hall at 25:30. The Bundesliga leads weighing team with six points in front of the “Zebras”. Stories holds enough of this encounter on Sunday.

SC Magdeburg – HC Erlangen 30:22 (17:13)

Tore SC Magdeburg: O. I. Magnusson 6/3, G. T. Kristjansson 5, Mertens 4, O’Sullivan 3, Smits 3, Musque 2, Suckstrup 2, Ph. Weber 2, M. Damgaard 1, Gullerud 1, Hornke 1
HC Erlangen: Jepppson 6/2, Metzner 5, Fäth 3, Zechel 3, Sellin 2, S. Female 1, Olsson 1, Steinert 1

SC Magdeburg - THW Kiel | Full Game Highlights | Handball Bundesliga 2022
Referee: Adrian Kinzel (Bochum) / Sebastian Grobe (Bochum)
Viewers: 12,800
Criminal minutes: 6/10
Disqualification: \ – / –