Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) subsidiaries ‘Out of the Park Dellopmint, MLB, KBO License Baseball Game’ Out of the Park Baseball Game ‘Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP Baseball)’, has released the latest ‘OOTP23’ in the global market.

‘OOTP Baseball’ is a PC online-based baseball management game that fits the 23rd season this year. Based on a real-time game performance that seems to run the actual club, the global major league fans are a unique MLB management game that waits for the new season.

Newly introduced ‘OOTP23’ in earnest baseball season, “OOTP23” reflected the latest clubs of baseball projects, including MLB, KBO, and players ‘rosters, and players’ rosters, and more and more sophisticated and more sophisticated staff Added content.

First, a highly added customized customizing system was added to customize its own club according to the taste of the user. You can experience your own baseball world, such as changing the design options of the equipment worn, creating a uniform that can be replaced, or set the game play new.

OOTP Baseball 23 - Ep 1 - 3 Tier Pro Reg Challenge

The convenience of the game was also greatly improved. A new tutorial system that can feel the fun of professional staff operation in a quick seal, even if a user who is not familiar with the management game genre is introduced, It is possible.

In addition, we upgraded the graphical engine for a real simulation production, and from the past, we have been able to enjoy a realistic match, such as new implementation of all players from the past to present.

‘OOTP23’ can be seen through the OOTP official website and the Global Online Game Distribution Platform Steam, and Epic Games Store.

Meanwhile, ‘OOTP Baseball’ has to enhance the contents of the KBO formal licensing, as well as the first Korean Korean version of the series.