Yu-Gi-o! Master Duel offers a choice of a huge number of cards and decks. It may be difficult to understand which deck to collect and how to balance it with so many cards. We have collected some tips on creating a balanced deck in Yu-Gi-OH! Master duel is lower.

How to assemble a balanced deck in yu-gi-oh! Master Duel

When collecting a deck in yu-gi-oh! Master Duel, you want to save the balance 40 cards . Although you can add up to 60 cards to your deck, the presence of more cards makes it difficult to stretch the cards necessary for victory. With these 40 cards, we recommend the balance of 20 monsters ,10 spell cards and 10 maps *.

How To Build a Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel!
This ratio can fluctuate depending on the conditions of winning your deck. Therefore, you must build your deck around one or two conditions of victory . This increases your chances of victory, because you are more likely to stretch and use your best cards.

Choosing a deck of the deck in yu-gi-oh! Master Duel

With so many cards and assemblies, it can be difficult to understand how to collect your deck. There are several ways to choose an assembly. You can choose what is popular in the meta, choose a topic or use certain strategies. When building a deck, here are a few tips to remember .

  • Do not forget about the forbidden list when adding cards to the deck.
  • Do not forget about simple maps such as Mystical Space Typhoon or Trap Hole, which are good in any situation.
  • That the card corresponds to your topic does not mean that it is good. Do not add cards just for thematic purposes.
  • Avoid too specific winnings based on one map. Instead, create victory conditions that use several cards.
  • Sometimes you will encounter a deck that opposes your victory conditions. This does not mean that your deck is bad or unbalanced, it just means that in the Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel there are several ways to win.
  • See the official yu-gi-oh channel! Tournaments or check high -level players to find out which cards they use and why. The inclusion or creation of your strategy based on their games can be a great way to get ideas for building a deck.

The exact setting of your deck in yu-gi-oh! Master Duel

You did not finish when you finished your deck, since you still need edit and configure it . We recommend taking look at your deck after three matches . Study what worked and what not. If the card was not used or did not live up to expectations, remove it from the deck.

On the other hand, if something worked, move your deck to include it in your victory condition, or add cards that support this or facilitate achievement. With a constantly changing meta and the addition of new cards, your deck will never be complete in yu-gi-oh! Master Duel.

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