One of the anime that has become a revolution is _ The Rising of the Shield Hero _ , which has action that Shonen fans will like, but also with an interesting narrative part. For that reason it is about to release its second season at _ Crunchyroll _ , which will include a somewhat different dubbing from that already known.

According to the streaming service page for Japanese animation, users will be able to enjoy these episodes on the next May 4 at 4 PM (CDMX).

The Voices of Billy Kametz
It is worth mentioning that the dubbing will change in its English version. _ Billy Kametz _ Who acted as _ naofumi iwatani _ , retired from the industry last month after informing fans about some updates. He will be replaced by _ Stephen Fu _ , a voice actor who recently got a role in _ Kimetsu no yaiba _ .

_ Billy Kametz _ He had to leave his work in _ The Rising of the Shield Hero _ due to health issues, since colon cancer was diagnosed in his stage number four. Reason why he is going to put himself in a treatment to improve himself, in fact his fans will help him to pay through an active campaign in which anyone can enter him.

On anime related issues. The creator of _ My Hero Academia _ gave a special message to fans, which indicates that the end of the series could be close. Here you can consult all the information about it.

Editor’s note : It is a shame that fans will be left without the voice of such a leading actor. However, it has even more value that they take the time to make a collection so that he manages to overcome such a hard illness from which life hangs from a thread.