To promote docorter Strange in multi -sized madness release on May 6, 2022, studio gamers and Marvel united to transfer Dr. Strange to Roblox metavselnaya. Only during a limited time, Dr. Strange fans can find it hiding inside the Tower of Suffering Test and earn an exclusive intra -game object, a cloak of levitation, completing your garbage hunt.

Players can also collect the exclusive thematic currency of Dr. Strange and use it to purchase potions and objects similar to perks that offer unique bonuses and abilities.

Given the scope and scope of Marvel as a company, many fans were surprised and somewhat disappointed that this Roblox crossover is not a separate event. Others, however, praised Gamefam and their ability to cooperate with such a large brand, noting that this cooperation can open doors for many larger Roblox projects, including constant cooperation with popular brands and companies such as Marvel, Sega, Sanrio, NFL and others.

If you are interested in checking this event, be sure to do it on May 8, 2022 . After this date, the event will be removed from the tower of suffering.

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