FIFA 22 was recently unveiled as one of the free PS Plus games in May 2022, just in time so that new players can start the team of the season hype train. But even if you already have the games on PS4 or PS5, there are still giveaways. A free FIFA 22 Ultimate Team PS Plus package was also planned and can now be redeemed in the PS Store.

Since some of these glor-rich blue and gold total cards are already out there in the wild, players will want to leave a few packs to see if they can get one for their Ultimate Team. This free PS package is perfect for those who hunt dead players or just want to start an ultimate team squad in FIFA 22 for the first time, since 11 players contain a rating of 82 or higher. It also contains an icon moments loan selection that you can use to select one of three icon moments cards that you can use for five games.

To redeem your free FIFA 22 PS Plus package, go to the PS Plus tab on your PlayStation start screen, Find the Link FIFA 22 Monthly Game and then scroll down on the game side until you discover the add-ons (it It’s pretty far down, so don’t panic if you don’t see it immediately).

Then simply select the PS Plus Fut Pack and resolve it. Et Voila, you have a delicious free package for the next time you start FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

How to Claim a Free Playstation Plus Pack in FIFA 22
This should give those who are new to FIFA 22, give an urgently needed thrust and at the same time give existing players the opportunity to draw a delicious dead card.

This free packing offer expires on June 7th. You have enough time to redeem it, but make sure that you don’t miss it.

Several total players are currently available in SBCs, and if you want to pick you up, make sure that you have our list of the cheapest highest rated FIFA 22 players so that you can solve puzzles without blowing up the bank.