After spending a few months exclusively in the Apple Arcade service, Dodge Roll Games »Sortez du Gungeon is about to make your way to other platforms.

In a new poster on his Twitter account, the developer confirmed that rapid filming will arrive on PC and consoles “at the start of this year”. No release date has yet been given, but Pax South and Pax East will soon take place. One or the other of these shows would be an ideal place to reveal information about this.

Exit the Gungeon - Now Available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Apple Arcade

Aside from that, the original version of the team, _ Hold in the Gungeon, _ has become one of the most popular independent games on the market. In the same Twitter message, he confirmed: “ Hold in the dungeon has exceeded the three million copies sold and we are very grateful for the support of the community!” Sort de Dunge will also arrive on all these platforms.

Finally, Dodge Roll Games reminded the players that he brings the Gungeon experience to the arcades, too. Maison du Gundead should start this year, although no new information is available at present. However, for those who love a good arcade shooter like crise of time and Maison of death, keep an eye on it.

If you need to remember how much a game is radi Sort from the dungeon is, see the trailer below. You can check it on Apple Arcade now.