Success has been expected for a long time, but when also pretty figures fall, it’s even clearer. Stardew Valley , the immense farm management game developed by Conjuredape, crossed last March the 20 million copies sold.

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Whether we prefer gameplay to the Harvest Moon to plant and harvest vegetables, the acute collection aspect, or even the social experience to get to know all the inhabitants of our adopted town: the field of possibilities is If large in Stardew Valley that all player profiles can find themselves there. Since its PC release in 2016 – and many times updated since – this continuous management game to dig its hole so that it has been exceeding since March 2022, the twenty million copies sold, all platforms combined.

Carried on PS4 and Xbox One, then on Switch and mobile devices, and now even available in the Game Pass subscription, Stardew Valley remains a safe bet of the PC: it sold thirteen million copies On the total, as the latest figures shared on the official title website specify. We let you convert all this into potatoes.