Bayer Leverkusen’s trainer Gerardo Seoane also fears no development on the transfer market with a possible departure of Bayern starstrifts Robert Lewandowski, which could result in the departure of attacker Patrik Schick.

“We are aiming that Patrik will still be with us next year,” said Seoane on Friday: “We are building a competitive team with which we can also convince the players with our playing style to take the next step. And We play Champions League, which is also a step forward. “

I've said it for a LONG TIME, Robert Lewandowski is NOT happy - Jan Aage Fjortoft | ESPN FC
According to Seoane, the fact that Schick could rise to the Leverkusen season record shooter in the last game of the Bundesliga season against SC Freiburg (3:30 p.m./Sky) to the Leverkusen season record shooter. “Individual goals are always on the edge,” he said: “If Patrik is in the box as usual as usual, he will surely get his possibilities.”

The Czech has so far been on 24 goals, the record of a Leverkusener in a season has been holding 25 goals since 2010. Club record shooter Ulf Kirsten was three times a league goalkeeper king, but he always reached a maximum of 22 hits.

According to media reports, world footballers Lewandowski does not want to extend his contract with FC Bayern in 2023 and absolutely leave the club this summer.

Whether the Munich interest in chic is not yet secured, but he would be a logical successor candidate. Leverkusen’s club boss Fernando Carro and attacker Patriks director Simon Rolfes recently categorically excluded a sale in summer.