GAME*SPARK editorial department recommends three specials in the second week of May!

This week, the CO-OP Survival Shooter “ Sker Ritual “, which is the spiritual successor to “MAID OF SKER”, the dungeon rogue-like RPG drawn with a precise dot picture, “ Siege of Dungeon “, There are three rhythm games x router shooter action game “ Soundfall “.

Sker Ritual

Wales Interactive has released a trailer of “ Sker Ritual “, a spiritual successor to the stealth horror “MAID OF SKER” that responds to the sound. This work is produced as a round-based survival safety, and you can enjoy CO-OP play ** with up to 4 people. The story was written by writers who worked on “Battlefield 1” and “TOTAL WAR: ROME II”. Players take up the upgraded steam punk -style weapons to survive from the onslaught of Quiet ONES.

Each teammate has a unique ability and has different play style. In addition, it seems that you can change the appearance and voice by changing the gothic, zombies, and science fiction style masks.

Further details, such as maps, stories, and resuscitation systems, will be released soon. If you are worried, why not check it out?


This work is a roggy -like RPG drawn with a precise dot picture. The stage is a dungeon of a dark castle that suddenly appeared. It is said that crystals and treasures are sleeping like a mountain, but terrible monsters block the way to go. The player challenges this dungeon and aims to acquire a treasure that has not yet been seen.

Dungeons are randomly generated, and various events, enemies, traps, and rewards are waiting. In addition, the number of monsters that attack over time increases, and it is important to capture within a limited time. The team is composed of four characters, and each member can act separately.

There are more than 100 types of character skills that can be combined, and six boss battles have been implemented. Furthermore, continuous updates are scheduled after the release.


The action game “ Soundfall **”, which was combined with router shooters and rhythm games, has started distribution on May 11, 2022. Although this work is an action game, it has a rhythm game element, and will take action on the BGM rhythm. The timing of the beat is always displayed at the bottom of the screen, and the more the timing is, the more the character’s attack power increases.

The weapon that appears is an instrument motif, and the number is more than 500. The training elements are also implemented, allowing you to unlock the character abilities and customize your own roadout.

In addition, in the PC version, it is also possible to import your favorite song into the game **. It also supports local or online play with up to four people. If you are attracted to elements such as rhythm games, twin sticks, and action RPGs, why not play it?