Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel has a lot to offer to get into the online collection card game with deck building component as a newcomer. Keeping the overview of many mechanics and cards is anything but easy and yet the spy creates this difficulty. You can build your own decks from over 10,000 cards to extinguish the opponent’s life points by summoning monsters, traps and magic cards.

The multitude of cards include different mechanics and effects that affect each other. Each deck works differently: sometimes it is about the fastest possible playing out strong monsters, sometimes about luring the opponent in traps.

What does Yu-Gi-Oh do! Master Duel so special?

In contrast to other games of the genre like Magic: The Gathering Arena, there is a detailed solo mode that is divided into several chapters. The story of a certain type of map is hidden behind everyone: the elementary heroes that develop their strength through fusion magic or the Shiranuikregers, which have strong attacks but have no defense, are presented here, for example. To do this, you get a rental deck to try it out in the duel against the CPU. A short tutorial explains how the respective type of map works and what the basic idea is behind the rental deck. So is Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel -friendly friendly than a comparable Magic: The Gathering – Arena, which only offers tutorials for the basic rules with similarly complex cards.

Constant progress: Gradually, you can unlock cards, decks and gemstones for buying booster, which means that it is easily possible to spend 20+ hours in this solo mode with constantly new challenges.

What are gemstones?
As a currency in the game, you can buy booster packs and cosmetic objects with the gemstones. These are either in the game in the game with real money or can be released in large numbers by regularly playing.

Even when each chapter has ended, every new season of the game also comes new sections in solo mode to present more cards and decks. So you not only learn how the entire different mechanics of the so -called archetypes work, i.e. how magic cards and monsters have to be played. Above all, you get an excellent basis to try yourself at the deck building. This is necessary to be able to consist of the cards in online ranking.

Time for a multiplayer duel: In the online mode of Yu-Gi-Oh! You can compete against other people to climb up to the platinum rank. If the first stages of the rankers are quickly climbed without bad games also affect statistics, any defeat can be thrown back at the latest from the gold rank. Victories, on the other hand, bring you gemstones and new cards again.

The own decks can then also be used in solo mode for additional rewards such as other gemstones or cosmetic extras for your field or player profile.

for whom is Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel interesting?

If you want to get into a collection card game without spending tons of money, you can have a lot of fun here for a long time. The card systems are quickly understandable due to the tutorials. It is astonishing how well this almost -looking mass of possible decks and their play styles fit together.

Especially at the beginning, there are enough opportunities to get digital booster packs, get cards and make decks from it. Anyone who is still overwhelmed can rely on the help of a community that has grown over the years that places recommendations for good decks on the Internet. If suitable cards are missing, you create them via card points. You mainly get this by removing cards that you do not need. Who has been yu-gi-oh for a long time! plays, probably feels more in the ranked against other players at home!

opinion of the editor

Malte Küppers

Why Everyone Is Quitting Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel
I would not have expected how much time I in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel would sink. My great concern was quickly forced to be for microtransactions in order to keep up in online mode. That would have demotivated me very quickly. However, I wanted to face the always new challenges, collect cards and build stronger decks.

In rank duels, frustration moments can arise if opponents need forever for their train or use decks that dismantle me after a round. The balancing of the maps accessible in online mode can therefore be optimized. However, the sheer scope and the stylish design of the franchise can be overlooked with a clear conscience. I don’t have this problem in solo mode!

Do you believe in the heart of the cards and have therefore played in Master Duel?