The last League of Legends patch has been one of the most extensive in history. Update 12.10 introduced the great changes to the durability and reduction of the effective damage of the champions. A situation that has had the busy community trying to try what the strongest characters would be. However, among so many modifications Riot Games has made a bulk mistake that has given rise to one of the most remembered mismatches.

Bel'Veth is NOT Riot's New Monster Champion

The mistake made by Riot Games when trying to solve a bug

The developer failure is related to Shyvana . Since the introduction of patch 12.10 the champion has been able to win 58% of the games. Far from being a great improvement due to changes in systems, it has been a great error of Riot Games who has given rise to this situation. The company’s employees were trying to solve a failure related to their Q (double bite) when she is transformed into a dragon, since the ability only once hit the structures instead of the two that was planned.

The problem is that the change of the developer has also affected the times in which her attack connects on the champions. Instead of doing it twice, apply the damage up to three times. An increase of 50% in the effect of the ability that seems to have been unnoticed by the developer. Only now that their statistics are reliable to have played in more than 12,000 games , the community and Riot Games have been able to realize the problem. Of course, the company is very likely to solve the problem very soon or disable the champion.

In general terms, this has been the big surprise of patch 12.10 of League of Legends. The truth is that the adjustments are notable in departure and have had great effects on a lot of champions that will need reviews. However, The situation has not been as chaotic as the community or the Riot Games developers expected. It is still early to draw conclusions, although as soon as this situation is solved it seems that everyone will be happier with the game.