The Star Wars celebration Jones. And now, the first advance of Willow**, fantasy series that will surely be familiar to the oldest fans of the company.

This takes place 20 years after the original film of 1988 , in which a dwarf with magical powers will have to undertake a series of trips to restore peace in the land of dream of him. The best thing is that many of the actors of yesteryear will return, and one of the most outstanding interpretations will be neither more nor less than that of the Warwick Davis._

Willow | Official Teaser Trailer | Disney+

Here the video:

It is worth mentioning that Willow For now it does not have an official date as is, it is only mentioned that it will make an appearance in the month of November , being one more exclusive of the streaming platform. It is likely that within a few months the specific day will be released, the event d23 could be the perfect scenario for such a singular announcement.

In news related to Disney plus. The premiere date for one of the most anticipated series was confirmed, Baymax, which is a spin off of the film great heroes of 2014 . If you want to learn more in detail the subject, we leave you the following link so you don’t miss any of your chapters.

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