The two-dimensional Soulslike game Moonscars, developed by Black Mermaid, received a new trailer, and also acquired a demonstration version available in the Steam store.


The video clearly demonstrates the gloomy visual style of Moonscars and its gameplay. If the trailer is not enough for you, then the developers have prepared a demonstration version that can be downloaded on Steam. But you have to hurry, since demo version will be available only until June 20, 2022.

Moonscars is a gloomy metro-vanning with Soulslike elements. The main role in the game is assigned to a fierce warrior named Gray Irma, who went into a dangerous adventure for one purpose: to find out the secret of his existence from the sculptor. On his way, the heroine will face various creatures of darkness that will want to destroy it, but thanks to her combat skills and abilities, she will be able to repulse them.