Publisher Future Friends Games officially announced The Block on June 14. A demo version with a time limit is distributed according to the announcement. The compatible platform is PC (Steam) and will be released this summer.

THE BLOCK is a simple urban construction game. Objects such as large and small buildings, trees and telephone poles are laid on a tiled map. There is no score or goal, and one game is completed by placing things in all tiles. The background, the color of the building, and the objects to be placed are random. However, if you do not like the obtained object, you can recover until you want what you want.

The Demo version with time limit is distributed on the Steam store page of this work. In the demo version, only M size (7 tiles x 7 tiles) maps can be played. In the product version, it seems that a map size of 5 levels, from XS to XL, will appear. The game starts with a random object placed in one tile at the center. Objects can only be placed in adjacent tiles. Don’t think too much, leave yourself to the flow and form a city.

It is said that this work is designed as a digital toy rather than a game. Even if you are arranged as you like, it will be intended to be arranged for your own goals and rules. According to the introduction of the store page, this work is cheaper than one pizza, it will make the day a little better. Game play, where such cities are formed, gives you a sense of satisfaction that can not be said.

The developer Paul Schnepf works on this work. He was involved in the establishment of the German Indie Studio GRIZZLY Games and was participating in the development of high-rated works such as Islanders and Superflight from the studio. As a personal developer, he released the skateboard game THE RAMP in the past. The work also features a simple system with no unlock elements and missions. In Steam user reviews, 96 % of the popular overwhelmingly popular status has been acquired. The simple but deep gameplay that players make their own play is gaining popularity. The Block seems to have been inherited as such digital toys.


THE BLOCK will be released this summer for PC (Steam).