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Tramp – a guide to the decision of the puzzle with the atomic battery

The Neco Corp factory in Midtown has an atomic battery that you must steal in chapter 10 to move forward, but which sets you the task of solving another puzzle in Stray.

Clementine will explain to you that the atomic battery is the only way to feed the metro metro station. However, when you penetrate the Neco Corp factory, you will find an atomic battery sealed inside the case and behind the laser net.

The only way to go around the security system and get an atomic battery is to solve a puzzle with an atomic battery. You will need to move several boxes and barrels in a certain way to release the atomic battery from the body.

The next leadership will explain the decision of the puzzle with the atomic battery in Stray.

How to solve a puzzle with an atomic battery

The first thing you need to do is pass by the red lasers. All you need to do is get inside a large red barrel at the entrance and go through a laser grid without harm to yourself.

There are three clamping plates (floor tiles), which you can press to move the pipe to the center of the room. You need to find three different objects in the factory to place them on each floor tile, so that they constantly remain pressed. This will prevent the return of floor tiles and make the pipe return to its original position.

The first object is a container that is located next to the control panel in the right corner of the room. Interact with the container to enable the next protocol and bring the container to the metal fence opposite the control panel.

Place the container on the clamping plate here, but close enough to the metal fence so that you can use the container to jump over the partition. This is on one clamping plate down.

Next, jump to the container, and then through a metal fence. There is another container here, but you must first jump onto the lever to open the metal gate.

Interact with the container, as before, to activate the next protocol and bring it to the pressure tile, from where you removed the first container (in addition to the control panel). That is, two clamping plates down.

As soon as you have both containers on both stoves of pressure, the tube will move in the middle to create a gap. Now you can jump back into the red barrel and go to the third and last remaining tile of the pressure.

When all three floor tiles are pressed, the puzzle with the atomic battery is solved. The case will open and drop the atomic battery that you can take.

Elden Ring is treated as a relax game in Steam. Fad people find healing in the area of the space

Speaking of Eldenring , it is a work that tends to have the image of dark world view and high difficulty. However, this work is on the STEAM store page, and a relaxation tag is attached by users. Is it a mischief that the harsh work has a relaxation tag or a player’s true intention? Overseas users who have seen this tag seem to be talking about the relaxing element of Elden Ring on the overseas bulletin board Reddit.

Elden Ring is an action RPG designed by From Software. This work has been changed to a vast open field while inheriting the game play of the past work such as the Dark Soul series. It is a new work that includes many new elements. The general image of this work is high difficulty. From software has been working on high difficulty action RPGs in the past, and boss strength and harsh locations tend to be overtaken. It is often the case that the gloom of the world and the gloom of events are highlighted.

However, such Elden Ring seems to be categorized by Steam users that can be relaxed. If you look at the user-defined tag section of the store page of this work, Soul Like, Relax and Dark Fantasy are the top three. This tag posts a game element tag that users thinks suitable for the work, and is determined to be a line according to the number of support. Relaxing with highly difficult Elden Ring looks like an unbalanced manner. In addition, this work has once been a mischief that is classified as a cute casual romance simulation in Steam User Tag (related articles). However, the fact that the relaxation tag is currently at the top is not likely to be caused by mischief.

Because Elden Ring players seem to be healed by this work. Whether the tag with Relax was interesting to Elden Ring, a thread that mentions this tag appears in the Reddit work community (now deleted the moderator). Whenever you can relax in Elden Ring, he asks the user. From the description of the original text, it seems to be a question that feels a slightly sarcastic atmosphere, saying, Eldenring and relaxation are far away.

On the other hand, there are many voices of users who speak purely when they can relax in this work. For example, when you are sitting on a rock outside the red lion castle in Cay Lid, looking at the golden trees sideways with the killed soldiers and huge dogs, when you are listening to NPC performances and enemy characters. When you are sitting in and watching the wonderful scenery. In addition, the opinion that when spending time with the priest Miliel is also supported, indicating the popularity of Miliel, one of the most healing characters in this work (related article). There are many other relaxations in Elden Ring, and it can be seen that many people feel healing in this work.

Elden Ring tends to pay attention to high difficulty and gloomy aspects, but it is also a work that incorporates a wide range of expressions. For example, the location in this work is abundant. You can enjoy the unique scenes of the region, such as a beautiful grassland, a fantastic basin, and a red earth that has been eroded by corruption. In addition, while there is a gloomy dungeon that makes you want to turn back unintentionally, there are also solemn architecture that can be seen. It stirs the adventure of the player.

In addition, the character of the enemy and ally is wide. While there are friendly NPCs that heal the players, some people turn bare malice. The enemy characters also have a variety of monsters that are likely to erod the sanity from humans and animals. This work is a work that depicts the beauty of the fantasy world while having the concept of dark and bold at the root.

In addition, this work also has elements to enjoy the scene as a work that travels through a vast field. Even in a fierce battle, it seems that there is a side that enhances such healing. Therefore, it would not be wrong to give a relaxation as a tag that expresses the work. The reason why relaxation ranked high in the user tag is that the players who felt healed in the world of this work were purely recommended. In addition, about five months have passed since the release of this work, and players who adapt to the harsh aspects of this work may be more focused on healing elements.

If you refer to the work introduction page of the Relax tag in Steam, Elden Ring is picked up to a prominent position. Other pickups include the cargoy game Unpacking, the high-pressure cleaning sim Powerwash Simulator, and the agricultural slow life game STARDEW VALLEY. In each case, there are works that can be immersed relatively calmly. Although it is a bit doubtful whether Elden Ring is perfect for users who seek such works, it is also an interesting situation that this work is in a relaxed game.

With the rise of the user tag, the aspects other than the hardness of Elden Ring attracted attention. Even if you play this work, you may find anything other than harsh memories when you look back. It is a good idea to recall the moment you are healed by Eldenring.

Trailer reaffirms the release date of I am Groot!

Although there is still some time before the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Marvel has planned to launch a series of animated shorts starring Groot. In this way, during the San Diego Comic-Con, the first trailer of _i am Groot was shared, which reaffirms its release date.

I AM Groot It is a series made up of five animated shorts starring it, they guess it, Groot, which take place between the guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 and Avenger: Infinity ward. This production will arrive at Disney+ on August 10.

As they could see in the trailer, i am groot is mainly focused on a minor audience, and will have no relationship with the events that are being carried out in the MCU. In the same way, it is unknown if any of The other members of the Galaxy Guardians will appear in this series.

Remember, i am groot_ will arrive at Disney+ on August 10, 2022 . In related issues, Rumor indicates that Giancarlo Esposito would be Professor X at the MCU. Similarly, the names of the following Avengers films are filtered.

Editor’s note:


For all those who want to be up to date with the history of the MCU, it seems that i am groot will be something that can jump without any problem. However, this will be a great way to entertain children who want to see the little Groot perform all kinds of ravages.

Dragon Ball The Breakers: Freezer in the spotlight in a new video, the collector also exposed

Considering that its statement in November 2011, Dragon Ball The Breakers has been a game that arises, possibly for its asymmetrical game proposal drawn from Dead by Daylight and also others. This multi game which occupies the manhunting technicians in between an assassin as well as a team of targets without being able to come to life in the semblance of 3 big poor people that are Fridge freezer, Cell and also Buu, while the remainder are characters That we are much less used to controlling such as Bulma, Oolong or personalities that we have actually created from head to toe. The new trailer released by Bandai Namco Entertainment has 3 purposes. The first is to go back to the launch date, currently wedged on October 14 on PC, PS4, Xbox One as well as Nintendo Change, with compatibility on New Gen gaming consoles. Then we learn that the video game will be marketed in three different versions:

The minimal edition will be offered exclusively on the Bandai Namco store. Along with the content of the special edition, the restricted version will have a steelbook, 3 stickers of the poor people, Cell’s covering porcelain figurine as well as the in-game device Potala (Green). This device is an unique bonus offer at the Bandai Namco shop for a limited duration.

The basic version will be offered for download just and will have the video game in addition to the C-18 transphere with the wall kick ability and also the detector (blue) accessory

Last point, know that Bandai Namco Entertainment organized a closed network examination on August 6 and also 7, and it will be essential to sign up to try to get involved. The 3 bad guys that are Freezer, Cell Etr Buu will certainly be usable, while on the enduring side, the players will be able to choose between the character, Oolong Survivor Skin and also Bulma Survivor Skin.

Saturday August 6-from 04:00 to 8:00.

Saturday August 6-from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday August 6-from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m.
Sunday August 7-from 4 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

The CNT will certainly come to the list below times:.

For those that will not have the chance to get involved, know that an Open Beta will certainly be arranged a little later.

The unique version will certainly be available in a physical and electronic version, and will certainly have the game in addition to the scandal sheet pack with an adjustable costume, the posture of victory Bravo with two hands and also the automobile skin Dragon (yellow). Individuals who pre-order this version will additionally have access to the C-18 transphere and the detector (blue).

Because its news in November 2011, Dragon Ball The Breakers has been a video game that develops, probably for its asymmetrical game proposal taken from Dead by Daylight as well as others. This multi video game which takes up the manhunting technicians between an assassin and also a group of targets without being able to come to life in the role of 3 huge poor individuals that are Freezer, Cell as well as Buu, while the rest are characters That we are less made use of to controlling such as Bulma, Oolong or characters that we have developed from head to toe. We discover that the video game will certainly be marketed in 3 various editions:

Is Saints Row like Grand Theft Auto? Answered

With Deep Silver’s restart of the Saint’s Row franchise just around the corner, you may wonder if you could fill a void of the size of Grand Theft Auto in your heart. The series looks a lot like GTA in many ways, but over the years, it also left Rockstar’s shadow to forge its own success and identity. Here is everything you need to know about If Saints Row is like Grand Theft Auto.

Is Saints Row like Grand Theft Auto?

The original Saints Row was launched in 2006 and presented the player’s character driving through an open world based on real American cities, participating in shootings and assuming a lot of NPC missions to advance in history. If that sounds familiar, it is because it is. The original Saints Row was coined as a ‘clone of GTA’ and, to be honest, for the first two entries, that description is quite precise.

However, even in those first days, a base that differentiated Saint’s Row from GTA was established. Saints Row gave the players the ability to create their own character and determine their ethnic origin, physical state, face and hairstyle. Saints Row 2 would then offer players the option of a female character. GTA did not include a characters creator until 2013 with the launch of GTA: online.

Saints Row: The Third marked a full-tone change for the series, with Volition developers with the aim of carrying the franchise in a more comic direction. They attached to their weapons. Saints Row IV sees your character becoming president of the United States while fighting an alien invasion in a virtual world with an expansion that sees a favorite character of fans fight against the legions of hell. GTA has his most crazy moments, but Saints Row takes him to another level.

The franchise also adopts a different approach to tell stories. Grand Theft Auto’s titles are usually one and are made with some exceptions such as Vice City: Stories and Liberty City: Stories. Saints Row, on the other hand, before the restart, told a continuous story during the four games and focused largely on the same cast, for the most part.

The protagonists of GTA also tend to be lonely wolves that motivate themselves, while Saints Row focuses on your gang, the Third Street Saints, who have a group of sympathetic characters in their own right. As The Boss of the Saints, your goal is to help the gang defeat their rivals in territorial wars and eventually become icons of pop culture.

If you like to cause butcher shop and chaos in GTA: Online, then there is a good possibility that Saints Row is right on your street. It is possible that you prefer the stories of GTA darker and mature and feel that the madness of the franchise can discourage it. Deep Silver Volition developers have promised that the restart will have a return to the most dim and balanced tone of Saints Row 2.

These games are fun, first of all, and accept their nonsense. If you enjoy the main gameplay and mechanics of Grand Theft Auto, it is very likely that you have fun with Saints Row.

Players can explore a living city while facing rival gangs with a huge arsenal of weapons that can be discovered along the way. Some are a little more out there, such as Shark-O-Matic, which can invoke a shark to devour complete enemies.

There is also a missions structure similar to most GTA titles, since players assume missions of several NPCs and gang members with their corresponding icons that are read throughout the map. It is a very familiar design and a way to assume missions. You can also undertake secondary missions, which include drug deals, join a fight club, earn the loyalty of your gang and tear down the bastions of enemy gangs. If you want to take a break from the saints or Liberty City, you will feel at home in Steelport.

That is all we know about If Saints Row is like Grand Theft Auto . Be sure to see more of our Saints Row coverage in the coming weeks before its launch on August 22.

Source of the main image: Deep Silver Volition.

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Just how to get the Productive Day Achievement in Stray

_ roaming has been published today and thousands of individuals start to play through everything this fascinating game has to supply. In this editorial you will certainly locate out every little thing you require to recognize to get the achievement productive dayStreunen _.

_ |* _

got the productive day achievement in Stray

To get this success, You need to sleep for a hr in the real life as the feline. There are places in the video game where you can connect with a soft area to sleep. To maintain success, merely communicate with one of these areas and after that let the game run for an hour. This is a real hr, so bear in mind. While your cat-like companion rests something, you can do anything else you need to perform in your life while he gets the urgently required sleep. Charming, which feline would not require this rest?

_ Streunen is currently available for the adhering to systems: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

After waiting for the cat as well as a hr dropped off to sleep, the achievement appears and also the good news is they have actually gotten the productive day achievement, which is a silver prize for PlayStation gamers. With respect to the very best place to rest, in Chapter 4 called the Run-down neighborhoods, you can sleep alongside you if you are near Morusque. This is one of the ideal areas to reach this achievement rapidly, as it is quite very early in experience.


  • This write-up was upgraded on July 19, 2022

_ stray has been published today and thousands of individuals start to play with whatever this delightful video game has to use. In this editorial you will certainly find out every little thing you require to understand to obtain the achievement productive dayStreunen _.

After waiting for the cat and an hour dropped asleep, the achievement shows up and also fortunately they have received the productive day achievement, which is a silver trophy for PlayStation players.

The study behind Bayonetta intends to transform dramatically and submit a nintendo exejecutive

Platinum Games has actually replicated the information of the video game sector many thanks to the new Bayonetta 3 trailer, which places the next adventures of the Umbra Witch for the following October 28 in Nintendo Switch. The programmer has actually additionally been preparing vital adjustments in its structuring as a firm, which starts with the signing of Takao Yamane , Nintendo exejecutive.

As for Nintendo’s exejecutive, it ought to be kept in mind that he will join Platinum Games as Vice Head of state . Yamane has actually stood out recently for being the vice president of Nintendo France and for managing the business’s planning as well as method in Nintendo Europe. Before getting in the Bayonetta developer, he remained in the Nintendo Licensing Department as a basic supervisor.

Of course, Platinum Games has signed a heavyweight in the sector, although we will certainly be conscientious tomorrow to know the new enhancements of the study . While we are shocked to know Yamane’s brand-new location, it must be born in mind that the programmer has already made adjustments in the firm’s instructions and also, according to February declarations, they desire to preserve their origins not to be classified by their games of activity.


Platinum Games will certainly disclose the brand-new structuring of the firm tomorrow, July 20 Origin of that, they prepare to alter the business framework of the firm with new faces. Currently they have actually introduced us to Yamane, however assure to give us more info tomorrow, July 20 , via a short article in Famitsu.

All new glefs of insects in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Are you a hunter who despises the touch of dirty earth with his untouched dumb legs? The idea of flying through the air and bringing up destructive rain on giant dragons fills you with acute sensations like nothing else? If you answered yes to any question, then Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has a weapon for you. Sunbreak addition can also be called an incert Glaive, since it includes more than 100 of these unique sticks for acrobatic tricks with insects.


Glefs of insects mhr sunbreak

To learn more about Monster Hunter Rise, read the article more and more axes of axes in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak in the game guides for professionals.

Madden NFL 23: Deep Dive video propounds the goal as well as

Madden NFL 23 will certainly be launched on August 19. Before the magazine, EA Sports has currently launched a deep dive video again to introduce you to the game for the NFL once again:

  • Madden NFL 23-Xbox One-69.99 euros

* Madden NFL 23-Xbox Series X | S-79.99 euros
* Madden NFL 23 All Madden Edition-Xbox One & Xbox Series X | S + Momentary Bonus-99.99 euros

EA Play participants can likewise play Madden NFL 23 3 days prior to the magazine with a 10-hour test and appreciate unique in-game benefits on a monthly basis. Additionally, EA Play Pro members can unlock the Madden NFL 23 EA Play Pro Edition ahead of time and also obtain all EA Play benefits as well as 500 Madden Points every month.

Followers who pre-order the Madden NFL 23 All Madden Edition before July 22 receive many benefits; including an All Madden group elite player, 3 days very early gain access to, 4,600 Madden Points, double privilege for a free upgrade to the PlayStation 5-or Xbox Series X | S version, special very early accessibility obstacles and far more.

ASUS TUF: Buy pc gaming laptop computer with Geforce RTX 3070 at MediaMarkt at the best cost

At MediaMarkt, a number of notebooks with GeForce GPU can presently be purchased affordable costs. The Gaming Laptop Asus Tuf Dash has a GeForce RTX 3070 and also is additionally well equipped. The dealership likewise supplies various other note pads for gamers, such as HP Victus, Acer Predator or Medion Erazer, all with Geforce GPU from RTX 3050 to RTX 3070, all readily available for free. The rates at MediaMarkt are presently beginning at 699 euros.



  1. 1 which video gaming laptops are the highlight offers at MediaMarkt?
  2. 2 quick laptop GPU RTX 3070 in the PCGH test
  3. 3Watch Dogs Myriad: Raytracing, DLSS & Performance on RTX 3070

Which pc gaming laptops are the emphasize offers at MediaMarkt?

To the homepage to the gallery.

Any individual that presently intends to buy a pc gaming laptop computer and also aimed at a notebook with a 15.6-inch display screen ought to consider the media market deal for the ASUS TUF Dash. In the top-equipped video gaming notebook with IPS screen, the quick processor Intel Core i7 takes over the arithmetic work, which can be clocked with up to 4.8 GHz. The visuals computation is done by the Raytracing GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070. With its 16GB RAM, the laptop for players uses adequate memory, the SSD has a storage capacity of 512GB. At the cost of 1,449 euros, the Pc gaming laptop computer from ASUS can presently be bought from MediaMarkt, a saving of 14% to the RRP. We would additionally like to advise the Medion Erazer with 17.3-inch screen and also RTX 3060. Along with a rapid i7 processor and 16GB RAM, the gaming note pad also provides a big SSD with a 1TB capability. The present price cut cost is 1,249 euros. If you are looking for a laptop for little money, the Acer Nitro will locate a gaming laptop computer with Geforce RTX 3050 for just 699 euros. Contrasted to the RRP, you conserve a tremendous 400 euros. On top of that, like all pc gaming notebooks from our following option, the acer laptop computer is currently delivered cost free by MediaMarkt.

Gaming laptop computers at MediaMarkt at wonderful price cut prices.

The Pc Gaming Laptop Medion Erazer is equipped with a GeForce RTX 3060. * Resource: Medion.

The price-reduced pc gaming laptop computers from the above media market summary are furnished with NVIDIA GPUs from RTX 3050 to RTX 3070. It is not unusual that a fully equipped RTX 3070 can be rather faster than a weak-breasted RTX 3080, as our PCGH test programs. Essential: Compared to the 192 bit of a mobile RTX 3060, the RTX 3070 Laptop GPU offers a memory transmission capacity of 256 bit.

Fast Laptop GPU RTX 3070 in the PCGH test.

  • Video gaming laptop computers with RTX 3050 to 3070 at MediaMarkt in the summary.

  • HP Victus 16.1 inches i5 16GB 1TB SSD GeForce RTX 3050 Ti for 1,149 euros (1.499)

Watch Dogs Legion: Raytracing, DLSS & Efficiency on RTX 3070.

All pc gaming laptops with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 to RTX 3070 can be found in the summary of MediaMarkt. All video gaming laptop computers from the media market project have Intel Core CPUS i5 as well as i7. The gadgets can currently be purchased complimentary of cost and also optionally with 0% financing from MediaMarkt.

The supplier also supplies other note pads for gamers, such as HP Victus, Acer Killer or Medion Erazer, all with Geforce GPU from RTX 3050 to RTX 3070, all offered complimentary of charge. The price-reduced pc gaming laptops from the above media market introduction are outfitted with NVIDIA GPUs from RTX 3050 to RTX 3070. It is not unusual that a fully equipped RTX 3070 can be fairly faster than a weak-breasted RTX 3080, as our PCGH test programs. Essential: Compared to the 192 bit of a mobile RTX 3060, the RTX 3070 Laptop computer GPU uses a memory data transfer of 256 little bit.

The ASUS TUF Dashboard is geared up with i7-CPU, 16GB RAM as well as GeForce RTX 3070. * Resource: PCGH/MediaMarkt

All video gaming laptop computers with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 to RTX 3070 can be found in the summary of MediaMarkt.

Acquire economical gaming laptop computers at MediaMarkt (option).

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