[CEO Park Ye-jin reporter] Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, CEO Doo Ki-wook) announced on the 1st that it was selected as the ‘Korea 100 Brand’ in the second quarter of 2022, announced by the brand value evaluation company.

The top 100 brands in Korea select the top 100 brands with the highest score of more than 1,000 brands in more than 230 major industries in Korea, based on the patented brand value evaluation model BSTI (Brand Stock TOP TOP TOP Index).

In the survey, with 170,000 brand stock members, Netmarble scored 849.3 points in BSTI, ranking 46th, up from the previous quarter. The brand stock index scored 608.3 points (out of 700) and the consumer survey index was 241.0 points (300 points).

Brand Stock said, In the second quarter, the second quarter, followed by the second-quarter, ‘second country (global)’ and ‘Merge Kungya Island’ to the market sequentially, and the Netmarble brand value is rising. did.

An official from Netmarble said, We will launch Seven Knights Revolution, which is expected to be at the forefront of its own IP Strategy strategy on the 28th, and we are looking forward to propaganda in new businesses such as blockchain and methus. : We will focus on improving the brand value through various new works such as Meta World and Overfrime.

Meanwhile, Coway, a subsidiary of its affiliates, also ranked 34th overall, with both Netmarble and Coway’s 50th place.