Grozilla and Grasmera are meeting you again this year on their island, Vulkania, who is regarding to open its doors on Dofus Touch. And also you can type krokille from Tuesday, July 5, after upkeep.

What to do on Vulkania?

The summer island chain, which remains in truth south of Otomaï, opens up access to many tasks:

  • A competition between the Kohrog town as well as the Lantamaï town.
  • From egg as well as krokilles search pursuits, in addition to very successful daily missions.

You can get, among various other points, the Dragouf, the Kroliméan and the Dokille. Also the adhering to perspectives:

  • Hi Vulkain
  • Super hero
  • Lizard

* Stock
* Beach umbrella

This year, a tiny bonus is readily available to you this on Touch many thanks to new unmatched daily missions. Go to [ 8,-5] at the port of Madrestam to take the boat in the direction of Vulkania.

Opening and also closing dates of Vulkania on Dofus Touch

You have until September 6 to take pleasure in the summer season island.

This year, a little benefit is available to you this on Touch thanks to new extraordinary everyday goals. ** at the port of Madrestam to take the watercraft in the direction of Vulkania.

You will consequently recognize, Vulkania opens its doors this Tuesday, July 5 after upkeep. But the closure date is already known!