In the photograph you can see exactly how Naka has actually eliminated Oshima painting it in black without any kind of dissimulation and as if it were Paint’s rapid work. In addition to creating Sonic, Oshima was a personalities designer of Balan Wonderworld, so it seems that his partnership has not fruitful after advancement.

He will certainly always be kept in mind for being among the designers of Sonic The Hedgehog, however the fact is that Yuji Naka remains to generate controversy where he goes. The Japanese imaginative revealed points that he need to not around Sega’s blue hedgehog a few days earlier, and now he is news once again, for even worse, for a publication on socials media.

With this, Yuji Naka refers to the truth that during the growth of Balan Wonderworld he was suddenly discharged by Square Enix, that did not take care of the director’s notifications, that urged that the game was very little less completed. Naka wound up demanding the video game and also the firm finished up causing, without a doubt, rather bad.

How would certainly you feel if they tossed you from a game where you have worked for 2 years? Yuji Naka Naka has subsequently released one more series of tweets clarifying what took place, excusing that they removed him from the video game in which he had worked hard for even more than 2 years, having actually been speaking about him behind him.


On the celebration of the 26th Anniversary of the Nights franchise, Yuji Naka shared a series of photos in the official Twitter account of his where a few of the members of the initial group that made the game appeared. does not show up Naoto Oshima , that has actually shared years of work with him. You can see the photo in the tweet that we leave next.