DNF Duel gives players all the nostalgic combat they could wish for in a video game. All of this action needs to be shared and DNF Duel has done it with different game modes. Find out more about the online, local and practice modes you can play.

All network modes in DNF Duel

Anytime you want to take on other players, you’ll want to check online. Here is a breakdown of the options you have online in DNF Duel:

  • Player Match-This is your traditional PvP online playstyle. You will join matches to compete in duels with other players.
  • Ranked Match-Ranked Match Mode is a special online battle option for players who have proven their talent in the rankings.
  • Ranked-This is the mode you need to play frequently if you want to participate in ranked matches against other players. Ranking Mode evaluates your skills to determine how high you rank as a fighter.

All local DNF Duel modes

Local is where you’ll find most of the DNF Duel single player options. We’ve put together this breakdown to explain all four options you have in local mode:

  • Arcade-Instead of individual rounds of combat in arcade mode, you’ll have to fight multiple CPUs in an eight-part competition.
  • Free Battle-This is what players will choose if they want Quick Matches against AI competitor.
  • Story-This is the main campaign for DNF Duel. It has a deeper characterization, less constant action and more cutscenes.
  • Survival-As in Free Battle, you will compete with the computer in battles. The difference is that in survival mode you are fighting an AI that gets harder and harder to defeat.

About the training mode in DNF Duel

Playing in practice mode in DNF Duel is as easy as it sounds. This is a single player mode where you can work on your moves and skills. The mode shows you and your NPC Trainer working together to critically evaluate your form, combos, and overall combat ability. Although this mode may not be the most attractive, its practicality is likely to be appreciated by many players.

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