Throughout his extensive history, Batman has used hundreds of gadgets to fight against his enemies. From his fists, through Boomerangs in the form of a bat, to some spray capable of defeating sharks. However, we almost never see it carrying a gun. While it has always been clear that the night knight does not use this type of weapons, A recent comic finally gives us a clear reason for this decision .

In the sixth comic of batman: The Knight, series created by Chip Zdarsky, recognized by his work in Daredevil and Howard The Duck, we can see a bit of the history of this interpretation of Batman. After the murder of his parents, Bruce begins to enter under the tutelage of Luka Jungo , also known as The Swiss Mark, and it is here that the main reasons why Batman does not wear weapons are revealed.

The first of these is that his teacher hates arms, and only entered Anton to Bruce, a friend of the millionaire, to defend the defenseless. Jungo’s mission is to disarm the world, a task that he inherits Batman. As if this were not not enough, Our protagonist has pointed out that it is very easy , which not only refers to how simple a trigger is to press, but would also return to Batman in a hero who is not interested in Improve your melee combat and mental skills.

As if this were not enough, the trauma of seeing his parents to die is repeated once when Anton shoots Jungo in an altercation in the comic. In this way, It is clear the reason why Batman simply does not want to use traditional firearms . Of course, throughout history we have seen a couple of exceptions, as in the first chapter of batman Beyond, although the hero regrets immediately after shooting.

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