After much wait, the fourth season of Stranger Things has finally come to light, a program for which the fans had to wait a full month to know their conclusion. And now that the actors are free, it is certain that many wonder what the future of the protagonist is, Eleven , or rather of her actress, Millie Bobby Brown .

Many might think that having a high position in Hollywood , the girl would now take a break, but that is something that is very far from becoming a reality. Since she is currently working on more series and distributor films somewhat alien to Netflix , but of course, without getting too far from the company that returned a whole star.

First, she will return to the second movie of Enola Holmes, The first part premiered in 2020 and did so well, that the producers decided to follow the story of Sherlock’s sympathetic sister. The filming ended in early January of 2022 , and once again was adapted by Jack Thorne of His Dark Materials and directed by Harry Bradbeer of Fleabag .

Another project in which she is also working is Damsel . This is the story of Princess Elodie (Brown), who was told that she is ready to marry a prince and live happily forever, but this also results in being sacrificed to a dragon after the big day. It is being directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo of 28 Days Later .

She will also be in The Electric State . The plot puts a girl named Michelle (Millie Bobby Brown) and the toy robot of her skip traveling through Pacifica’s fictitious land in search of her brother missing from her. The filming has not yet begun and casting ads have not yet been made. It will be directed neither more nor less than the brothers Russo .

One more project that has not yet begun to film is that of The Girls I’ve Been . In this film adaptation of Netflix of the psychological suspense novel of 2021 of Tess Sharpe . Millie Bobby Brown will play the former Nora, a girl who spent her adolescence living under multiple alias. There are not many advances yet.

For almost ending, we have The Thing About Jellyfish . This adaptation of Ali Benjamin’s 2015 novel, talks about a high school girl who cries the death of her old friend. In March 2021, Netflix joined and Millie Bobby Brown joined to play the main role of Suzy Swanson . Filming has not yet begun.


To close with a flourish is the fifth season of ** Stranger Things.