The checklist of PlayStation Studios games that have actually crossed the threshold of 10 million sales will certainly widen a little a lot more, considering that Ghost of Tsushima is gradually approached this symbolic score, with 9.73 million copies sold.
This info is the Sucker Punch studio that shared it with a tweet in which the developers commemorate the 2 years of existence of the game. They seize the day to reveal some vital numbers Just for Fun as we state
We discover as an example that 78 million photos have already been taken, that 540.8 million duels have actually been performed, that 91.4 million objectives were played in the multi legends mode, that 94.76 million onsen (warm resources) were
Visited or 75.18 million foxes were caressed.
While waiting for the 10 million to be crossed, we recall that a Ghost of Tsushima movie is being produced which it is Chad Stahelski, the director of the very first John Wick, that gets on it.