As video game users, we know very well, but our consoles are still fragile and must be careful, especially in these periods of very heat. When we turn on our consoles in the summer, they tend to heat much faster, and Nintendo alerts Nintendo Switch players through several tweets about the precautions they must take .


Nintendo gives us advice during the heat wave period

At the time of writing this article, while Spain crosses a rather exceptional heat wave, in Japan heat is also present with temperatures around 30 degrees. Therefore, sometimes it is tempting to want to relax by the water with the console in the hand, or cool off at home to enjoy our favorite console on television.

However, if you want to play without fear of damaging your switch, you must follow the valuable advice of the Japanese firm . According to the manufacturer, in fact, it must guarantee _a good ventilation around the input and output grids the console, and can bring problems to your performance. **

In addition, this may seem obvious to some but not so much for others, but avoid paste your machine near a wall if it is on a TV furniture.

However, if your console reaches a temperature too high, observe if Nintendo shows a message that warns you that you are about to go out. If this happens, follow the instructions and rest for a while to play, since overheating could be fatal.

A new model arrives!

Speaking of summer and Nintendo Switch, there is good news for fans of the Japanese firm but also for Splatoon fans. No, it is not about the arrival of the Nintendo Switch Pro, but a special model inspired by Splatoon 3.

In fact, the manufacturer has announced the launch of the Switch OLED Splatoon 3 for August 2022 and more precisely on August 26. Unfortunately, at the time of writing these lines we still do not know their price.