The Neco Corp factory in Midtown has an atomic battery that you must steal in chapter 10 to move forward, but which sets you the task of solving another puzzle in Stray.

Clementine will explain to you that the atomic battery is the only way to feed the metro metro station. However, when you penetrate the Neco Corp factory, you will find an atomic battery sealed inside the case and behind the laser net.

The only way to go around the security system and get an atomic battery is to solve a puzzle with an atomic battery. You will need to move several boxes and barrels in a certain way to release the atomic battery from the body.

The next leadership will explain the decision of the puzzle with the atomic battery in Stray.

How to solve a puzzle with an atomic battery

The first thing you need to do is pass by the red lasers. All you need to do is get inside a large red barrel at the entrance and go through a laser grid without harm to yourself.

There are three clamping plates (floor tiles), which you can press to move the pipe to the center of the room. You need to find three different objects in the factory to place them on each floor tile, so that they constantly remain pressed. This will prevent the return of floor tiles and make the pipe return to its original position.

The first object is a container that is located next to the control panel in the right corner of the room. Interact with the container to enable the next protocol and bring the container to the metal fence opposite the control panel.

Place the container on the clamping plate here, but close enough to the metal fence so that you can use the container to jump over the partition. This is on one clamping plate down.

Next, jump to the container, and then through a metal fence. There is another container here, but you must first jump onto the lever to open the metal gate.

Interact with the container, as before, to activate the next protocol and bring it to the pressure tile, from where you removed the first container (in addition to the control panel). That is, two clamping plates down.

As soon as you have both containers on both stoves of pressure, the tube will move in the middle to create a gap. Now you can jump back into the red barrel and go to the third and last remaining tile of the pressure.

When all three floor tiles are pressed, the puzzle with the atomic battery is solved. The case will open and drop the atomic battery that you can take.