Nintendo broadcasts Splatoon 3 Direct 2022.8.10 on August 10. It was revealed that a game called Nawa Butler would be introduced as a deck-building card game in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 is the latest work Splatoon series. The stage is the chaotic local city of Bankara. Local cities that stand in the Bankala region have rapidly developed through redevelopment. Nawabari Battle is set in this local city. The rules are divided into two teams of 4vs4 and decide to win or lose in the area painted on the ground. Actions such as Icarol, Ikanobori, and Icaspawn will be added, while the rules of the past work are remained.

Junatori War Nawa Butler is an in-game game that appears in the same work. Unlike the main story developed as a 3D shooter, it is a 1vs1 war card game format. There is a mass-like field, and each card has a different-shaped paint block. It is a turn-based, and the card will be released on each turn. By putting out the card, the corresponding square eyes are painted. The large number of areas painted will divide the win or loss. If you accumulate power, you can make a special attack.

More than 150 cards are prepared as cards, and the block type is different. The cards are also named and designed related to Buki and special attacks that appear in the Splatoon series, respectively. It is likely that it is important which card is selected and incorporated. It seems that gimmicks that do not end in just mini-games, such as receiving card packs, fighting Bukichi, and Nawa Butler Dojo.


Splatoon 3 will be released on September 9th.