In the recent Pokemon series, different figures of existing individuals ( region form ) and new evolution systems often appear.

Pokemon seems to be attracting attention in the latest work, Pokemon Scarlet Violet ( Pokemon SV ) scheduled to be released on November 18.

Pay attention to local animal motifs?

The region form was discovered in Pokemon Sun Moon . It is said to be adapted to the environment of each region, and some types, forms, and some individuals have changed evolution.

After that, every time the series is developed, Pokemon will surprise the trainers if you acquire new features. In Pokemon SV, it has already been announced that Uper has already appeared as Paldea’s Sugata .

However, it is customary to implement multiple new regional forms in the series. In other words, there should be other Pokemon who will show you different appearance. Therefore, the fans are highly expecting Kentaros .

There are hints to the trailer?

This is because the Paldea region , which is the stage of Pokemon SV, is a model on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe, including Spain and Portugal, because of the shape of the map. And in the same place, bullfighting is actively performed as national sports.


In addition, the trainer who seems to be bread brewing of the same work is reflected in the 2nd Trailer released on June 1st, but if you look closely, the cow is on the chest. I wear a T-shirt with a pattern like this. Perhaps, in the Paradea region, the trennal bullfighting is a tradition.

If Paldea’s Sugata appears, will Kakuto Type be given after a bullfighting? I can’t wait now to see what other encounters are waiting!