Tower of Fantasy is filled with almost the limit. There are many resources that need to be earned, the enemies you need to fight, the weapons that need to be mastered, and much more. Nevertheless, one item that is incredibly important is dark crystals. This can make you ask how to get dark crystals and what they do in Tower of Fantasy.


How to get dark crystals in Tower of Fantasy

Dark crystals are one of the simplest resources that can be earned in Tower of Fantasy. Although you can get dark crystals in different ways, one of the best is to get a reward through achievements , chronicles , mission and history awards. You can also get dark crystals from supply units and control points in history.

Since dark crystals are used for many in-game purchases, you will want to collect them as much as possible. Unfortunately, although this is common, you will not get much at once. A positive moment, however, is that you should have a constant stream, simply playing the game.

What do dark crystals do in Tower of Fantasy?

Dark crystals are in-game currency and can be used to buy several items. Many items in the store can be purchased for dark crystals, but we recommend using this currency to buy a gold nucleus, buy a red core and improve your weapons.

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