It is that time of the year again when EA Sports finally launched its latest edition of the most popular American football game, and this year there are two different versions to consider buying. Here is how much does it cost to buy Madden 23 for those who wonder.

How much does Madden Buy 23?

As mentioned above, there are two different versions of Madden 23, which are actually relatively few given the common thing that is in the games industry these days see several different editions for each launch. For Madden 23, it is pleasant and simple; There is a standard edition and the most expensive All Madden edition.

This is how the two are compared:

Standard edition: $ 59.99 / $ 69.99

The standard edition of the game costs $ 59.99 or $ 69.99 according to the platform for which Madden 23. The versions of the previous generation are cheaper, while the versions of PS5/Xbox Series S | x cost $ 10 more.

For those who ordered the standard edition of the game in advance, there are some bonus elements that come with the package (choice of 2 elite players, 1 offensive and 1 defensive, the entire Madden team, Madden’s strategy article), but otherwise, it is only the game included

The entire Madden edition-$ 99.99

The All-Madden edition of $ 99.99, only digital, is the most expensive option. Its main benefit is that it includes versions of the game of the previous and current generation in a single package, which is useful if you plan to play with friends who do not have the same generation of consoles as you. As we explain in our article dedicated to cross game, Madden 23 is not compatible with intergenerational game.

In addition to including both versions, the All-Madden edition is designed to help players to build their Ultimate Teams quickly since the anticipated order bonus that comes with the standard edition is also included.

That is all to know about how much does it cost to buy Madden 23 . To get more useful tips and guides on the game, look for standard edition or consult the related content detailed below.

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