Madden 23 brings the updated lists, the classic modes and the rapid rhythm football game that the series fans have come to know and love our screens once more. As always, players canrigid arm in Madden 23 * to help players who wear the ball keep running for a longer time. This guide will show you how to do exactly that.

Rigid arm guide Madden 23

To harden your arm in Madden 23, you must press on Xbox or X in PlayStation when a defensive player is next to your player and is close to demolishing you. When the defender is at the distance of one arm, he continues and presses A/X and you will hold it with the rigid arm and keep it away from you.

Image Source: EA Sports through updated lists

Keep in mind, however, that if you do wrong, you can end up shortening your career, so be sure to be careful to maximize your yardas profits.

What is the rigid arm?

Rigid assembling an opponent is when a ball bearer uses his arm to block and push the defenders who try to click them.

The risk of Stiff Arming is that the player runs the risk of accidentally causing a facial mask sanction, but if it is done well, he can block an entry that would otherwise have ended with his offensive game.

Due to how fast the action in Madden 23 is, it can be difficult to use this frequently, but if you choose the right moment, you can really increase your chances of turning that play into a touchdown.

That is all you need to know how to stretch your arm in Madden 23. If you are looking for more useful tips and tricks on the game, we have it covered with guides on how lateral, how to jump, how QB slide and all relocation equipment in Madden’s franchise mode 23. Does all that sound good? We have even more for you below.

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