Madden is one of the pillars of a sports game community. With Madden 23, the series reaches its peak. New functions, such as the franchise and Fieldsense mode, make this record even more exciting.

Sometimes developers throw codes that can be exchanged for various objects in the game. Therefore, do not forget to add this page to the bookmarks for quick and easy reference so as not to miss.

List of all Madden 23 codes

Madden 23 codes (workers)

At the time of writing this article, there are currently no active codes for Madden 23. We will surely update this list as they appear.

Madden 23 codes (with an expired validity)

xbox *
* ~~ qpgpk-p97rx-yv2tk-dj7r4-h9vrz ~~
* ~~ kf2d4-7VYMD-PM6W4-6RDW2-7YP3Z ~~
* ~~ gqpfy-47r4j-xDPW7-3WF23-F4Y6Z ~~
* ~~ 4MXMM-6C6K2-3TMF-J3Y3Y-MK6MZ ~~
* ~~ cf6qj-f97YQ-HYR4G-XWJVV-3H3DZ ~~
Game console**
* ~~ 5qe4-ht-ktrh ~~
* ~~ bb5b-cjnb-9×54 ~~
* ~~ kggl-8MNB-F5NB ~~
* ~~ Q39K-MBN8-29M3 ~~
* ~~ l82a-73ng-xnxr ~~

How to activate codes in Madden 23

To activate codes in Madden 23, go to the main menu and select three points which are located on the lower right side. This will cause the menu where you can choose activate the code .

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