EA Sports and August are a recipe for familiarity, and this year is no exception, since John Madden’s legacy is again in the foreground to reiterate fans who, in fact, are in the game. However, while the avid players of the eternal American football franchise seek any initial advantage, we all know what is the most frequent fans: speed. That is why you are here, after all, and that is why we are here to break The most fast Madden NFL 23 receptors have to offer.

Madden NFL 23: The fastest open receptors

Do not worry about your monitor, we have a resistant table ready to hold it and show you the ten faster open receptors in Madden NFL 23 :

Colina Tyreek Miami Delfines 99 97 99 98 99
Jameson Williams (right) Detroit lions 98 78 95 94 94
Quez Watkins Philadelphia Águilas 98 76 95 86 84
Jaylen Waddle Miami Delfines 97 84 97 97 94
Mecole Hardman Kansas City Chiefs 97 79 96 92 87
Marquesa Marron Arizona Cardinals 97 84 94 96 92

Antonio Schwartz | Cleveland brown | 96 | 69 | 95 | 86 | 85
Robbie Anderson | Carolina Panthers | 96 | 82 | 93 | 83 | 84
Marquesa Goodwin | Seattle Marine Falcones | 96 | 74 | 96 | 89 | 86
Calvin Austin III (right) | Pittsburgh Aceres | 95 | 70 | 96 | 91 | 92

Given everything, we can deduce with confidence that Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle are the two most dangerous open receptors of the game, almost in a comic degree. Only when the realization is established in Hill and Waddle ambas things playing for the Miami Dolphins makes laughter stop.

From the point of view of gross speed, you will not really find a bad option here. The same can be argued for the acceleration, although if we had to be felling, and we will be, Marquise Brown and Robbie Anderson are on the wrong side of 95. Put in shape, boys.

Where this begins to be really interesting is in the category of agility, since it receives a rather broad range that begins in Hill (98) and concludes with Anderson (83). In fact, agility is the reason why Pittsburgh’s rookie, Calvin Austin III (91), overcomes New England’s rookie, Tyquan Thornton (82), on this list. Also, I mean, we don’t have to recognize the patriots todos time.

Well, that’s all folks. When it comes to the fastest open receptors in Madden NFL 23 , the Miami Dolphins are terrifying. If he is in humor for a challenge, we suggest taking the Cleveland Browns, send Deshaun Watson to bank for 11 games and see how long it takes to give it to Anthony Schwartz with God knows who.

Oh, and if you can’t get enough speed, be sure to see the fastest field marshal that Madden 23 has to offer and much more below.

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