It is that time of the year again, fans of American football. We gather our snacks, we assure the updates of our list and we are ready to deepen another delivery of the oldest franchise of EA Sports. Although this time, there is a blink of a turn. Among all game settings and graphic improvements, there is a new feature that tests its muscles. Cone of vision, it is not, but there are a lot of step styles to use in Madden 23 . So what should you choose? That is what this guide will help you discover.

Madden’s Paso Style Guide 23

It has been a long time since EA Sports has given its players what it feels like control while they are under the center. One would have to travel to the launch of Madden ’06, when Qb Vision unleashed. Unfortunately, for some reason, the attempt to refine the air game lasted little and was archived indefinitely.

Until now. Something like.

There are three or four pass styles to choose from when your trip Madden 23 begins, depending on how I look at it: placement + power, placement + precision and classic, as well as an internal option freely.

At the beginning of the game for the first time, one of the first indications that the player receives will try to explain each new pass style. However, if you are someone who likes to skip all those introductory tutorials and move directly to action, do not worry, just go to configuration> game options and move down until you find skills-based passes.

Image Source: EA Sports through Madden

Players can also notice the Passing Slowdown function, which is a good touch for anyone who prefers to take their time with these new options before committing to a particular style. That said, this option cannot be enabled to play online. So, if you are going to commit to an unknown style in advance, understand that you will learn at work.

Placement + Power

Image source: EA sports

Regardless of the pass style you choose in Madden 23, you will have to place it if you opt for Classic. Placement + power is where we start. Regardless of the choice, it is important to monitor the semicircular meter placed on the head of its objective. The blue section of the meter indicates precision (more on that shortly) while the yellow/orange section shows the power.

Grant only in the power, simply place the ball exactly where you would like to go, in relation to the target, using the pass grid (left joystick) to direct it while putting so much or so little power behind each pass as you. I like that is where the use of bullet, globe, touch, tall and low passes come into play.

Investment + precision


Image source: EA sports

Similar to the above, players will have to maneuver that passage grid once again to find the optimal point. This time, however, the aforementioned blue meter will come into play. With the option placement + precision, players can still generate as much power as they wish to throw the ball. It is only that in this case, they will have to pay a little more attention as to where their passes end.

If it is released in the blue part of the meter, the passes will receive an increase in precision and a guarantee of a precise or perfect pass. However, landing the launch in the blueis not to guarantee a completion. If a player is under pressure, the meter can begin to shrink. Similarly, if a player tries cross throws or releases while fighting, the precision qualification of a field marshal will surely come into play.

Pass freely

Looking for a slightly more discouraging challenge with even more control? Feel free to turn the passes freely by simply playing L2 in PlayStation (LT in Xbox) in the middle of the game when placement or placement + precision are enabled.

In doing so, the player can really try to thread that perfect pass even if that means pointing out the target area.


Image source: EA sports

For the player who wants little or no uproar, there is no problem in sticking to what is familiar to him. If you have been playing Madden during the last decade and you don’t feel like changing things, that option remains on the table. Without meters, without feedback; Simply throwing the ball as better.

What style of Madden’s pass 23 should you choose?

This is preference, isn’t it? If you are prepared for a small challenge, there is nothing wrong with trying one of the new pass styles. If you prefer to keep things simple, there is no shame in that. From what is worth, players are not obliged to use the new skills-based pass options.

That said, why not have fun with him?

Can you change the passing styles in Madden 23?

You can surely! Just go to configuration> Game options> Skills-based pass to choose your poison, or stay with vanilla. We are not here to tell him what he knows better, in relative terms.

Very well Madden players, with each and every one step style in Madden 23 broken down for convenience, it is time to leave and launch it. From Aaron Rodgers to Nathan Peterman, there will surely be some level of challenge for all. And while doing so, be sure to consult our tutorial on how to launch each pass, the fastest open receptors of the most recent delivery and even more below.

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