At the time of its first release, a new trailer of Atomic Heart, which received a lot of attention with the atmosphere and story of the bio shock and the fallout, was released.

Russian developer Budfish unveiled a new trailer at Atomic Heart at Gamescom on the 26th. Atomic Heart is a game set against the backdrop of a virtual history that the Soviet Union has won Germany alone in World War II. The Soviet Union, who has lost a large population, created various robots to replace it, but when these robots rebelled and hunted humans, the KGB special agent, the protagonist, came out to solve it. It has released new news and videos in six months since February.


In this video, the gameplay is full of contents related to battle. You can check the various combat methods, such as firing water by using a polymer glove that allows you to use various psychic powers, electric electric shocks with electricity, or frozen enemies and cut them with a knife. Various enemies have been released, including a huge enemy who rolls up and rushes in a round, a humanoid robot that rushes like a zombie, a powerful laser from his mouth, and a robot that blocks humans in half. Players must make more than 30 weapons and deal with them.

Atomic Heart will be released at the end of this year as PCs (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It is undecided whether it is supported by domestic official launch and Korean language.