On the 26th, King Kong Soft’s collective RPG ‘MZ Three Kingdoms’ was officially released.

The MZ Three Kingdoms, which has been the motto of ‘Resurrection of Unlimited Unlimited Three Kingdoms’, is based on the traditional Three Kingdoms worldview and can meet the appearance of longevity and brilliant action. In order to distinguish from the Three Kingdoms-based games, various skills of various longevity are selected to enable detailed control. As shown in this, King Kongsoft also emphasized the basic development method of fostering one longevity, such as ‘longevity-specific vehicles and recruits’.


It also has the advantage of directly setting the growth direction of the longevity of the longevity. By arranging various details for each longevity, it is possible to form various combinations that users want, such as ‘Diltang, Hill Tang’, rather than uniform development. In addition, there is also a ‘blood’ element that selects a one-person peak to complete a true unification country through PVP by the Three Kingdoms countries.

King Kongsoft pays users with a pleasure of fostering, and pays for ubiquitous, hand book, and Sun-wook. Through this, it will support the fast play through the longevity of the Three Kingdoms era and convey the joy of the game.

In addition, the MZ Three Kingdoms will hold various events for the official opening, and also offer the Three Kingdoms Membership Service. Users who join the Three Kingdoms Membership Service can receive game information guidance with the weekly coupons.

For more information about ‘MZ Three Kingdoms’, please visit the official website and lounge.