AHOY and AWEIGH)-an introductory quest in the robbery season in Destiny 2. He prepares the soil for an exciting adventure and immerses the Guardians deep into the culture of the eksnya. Here’s how to start and complete the quest chain.

Destiny 2-echo and sigh quest

To take part in Ahoy and Aweig, the guards will need the Season of Plunder seasonal subscription. This is included in the annual subscription of the queen of witches or can be purchased separately. This is a quick quest from which the history of the season in Destiny 18 begins. If the guards already have a seasonal subscription, the quests will begin automatically. Otherwise, follow the following steps to start work.

  1. Complete the task Salvation and salvation. Launch this mission on the Directions tab in Helm.
  2. become a witness to the interaction in The Ether Tank.


  1. Talk to the spider in the tank with the ether in the EXILSNI quarter available through the Directions tab in Helm.
  2. Defeat the faithful pirates of Eramis in Ketchcrash.
  3. Talk to Misraak on the Astral Seas star map in Helm.

A series of missions returns the guards to Europe, where it is found that Eramis from the house of salvation has escaped from her ice prison. Then the Guardian will see a KAT-scene with a wanderer, Misraaks and the charming Aido. Talk to the spider to make a deal to use its ketch to combat Eramis. After an impressive battle among the stars, the guard will want to return to Helm in order to talk to Misraak, thereby completing the quests chain.

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