Among all the Soulkikes and for having, there is one that hgame managed to place in the center of all eyes during the lgamet days. This is Lies of P, the RPG of Action and Dark Fantgamey set in the Universe of Pinocchio , the work that Carlo Collodi first published in 1882. The game runs on account of Round 8 Studio and its director, its director, its director, its director, its director, Choi Ji-Won hgame shared some details about his inspiration.

Exclusively for the IGN portal, Ji-Won, he wanted to make clear why we are facing a dark theme video game and horror work appearance. And the regameon resides, neither more nor less, in the origins of the character. People think of Disney when talking about Pinocchio, but in reality, if you look at the original story, it is quite dark and for adults , he explains.

Will we explore the interior of the whale?


It is one of the questions that users are gameked to verify that Lies of P is set in the Pinocchio Universe, and although its creator does not make it clear, His words suggest that we will see scenarios beyond the city He hgame shown in all videos: The origins of Pinocchio are diverse. Geppetto’s house, the ocean, the interior of the whale… That’s why we thought it wgame very attractive to our game.

game you know, the title makes use of the main characteristics and mechanics of the from Software, but from the study they gamesure that have given it their own turn , despite the fact that the main objective wgame searching A well-known story to build the title around him.

Lies of P is confirmed for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One (available from day 1 on Xbox Game Pgames). His relegamee date points to 2023 and wgame one of the protagonists of the Gamescom, thanks to a gameplay trailer of more than 3 minutes.