The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie has been one of the most anticipated returns by fans in the animated part, since the official anime ended to give space to Akira Toriyama Advance in manga. And after the conclusion of this last film, it has been speculated that there is the possibility of a saga more related to the androids.

At the end of the film we witnessed the defeat of Cell Max , experiment that doubled the power of the original android, which was killed thanks to the collaboration of Gohan and Piccoro in its maximum states. And in the end, the creator of this subject, dr. Hedo, was alive next to Gamma 1 to be independent characters of the Malévola Red Patrol.

However, they are not the only geniuses that are scattered in the world. Since the existence of the Android number 21 has been confirmed in the canon, and this is a villain that comes from Dragon Ball Fighterz. So it is possible that she is looking for revenge for what her went to Dr. Gero At the time, and would be seeking clearly to exterminate 17 and 18 .

With this premise, it is possible that Akira Toriyama wishes to give these characters a new arch, after all they had their time to shine in the tournament of power acclaimed by fans. Even 17 was responsible for requesting the definitive desire to Sheng-Long, Who revived all the universes eliminated after the end of the competition.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is available in cinemas.